Takeshi's Castle

Tokyo Broadcasting System (ended 1990)


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  • fantastic its great

    if you want something to laugh at takeshis castle is it
    craig charles is a great presenter of the show the chalenges are great and japenese look like idiots when they try some of the chalenges it is hilarious one of the funniest prrograms you will watch there are never any winners there is about 1 winner a series but overall you will love it im that much of a fan i get up at 4 in the morning to watch it you will find it on challenge or virgin virgin 1 you wont be disapointed it is ace yes ace
  • The funniest gameshow ever, bring it back!

    Takeshi's Castle is an instant classic amongst gameshows that involve wacky games and crazy contestants. Craig Charles's voiceover is the icing on the cake, whenever a contestant is eliminated he say "New ribs please!" or "You wazzock!" in such a gut-busting manner which makes it even more funny.

    The games look pretty hard and it gets repetitive whenever the contestants never win, but sometimes you have to look really hard to watch an instalment when the consestants do win.

    In short, Takeshi's Castle is perfect gameshow entertainment for all ages. No other gameshow comes close to bettering it. Bring it back now!
  • Only the Japanese could think of this......

    Definately the best game show on TV! ! With hilariously stupid games, giant costumes and people getting hurt, it's all a game show needs to be! ! The best games for me are Stepping Stones, (running across stones ,but some of them move! !) Honeycomb Maze (one exit, two guards, several doors leading to water and a pot of black ink! !) and Wipe Out ( a moving surfboard, pink whales and a naughty Pochahontas! !). They don't sound that funny , but believe me, you'll be in stiches in 5 minutes! ! And, it's made even funnier with Craig Charles' commentry! !
    WATCH IT! ! !
  • Brilliant

    I was hooked from the first evertime i seen this show.Its just the best.One thing i like about the show is that the contestants dont see the dangers.....like they are willing to do anything.And its funny how theres hardly any winners.
    I also like the episode where there is the parent and the child together.
    But its sad how its not on anymore...it would be briliant if it came back
  • The craziest game show, featureing plenty of mad japanese people and an briliant comentator.

    This is the craziest game show on tv, the cast includes craige charles (lister from red dwarth) as the comentator, and 100 japanese people in every show, and you cant forget the emerald guards.
    The show is packed full of funny catchphrases and different games, which usually end with japanese people being thrown in sewage (the drink).
    This show does not sound like much, but is truely a legend on the television, watch it now and be in stitches on the floor laughing
  • The Japanise game show that puts fun in funny,and the pain in painful.

    A fantastic show that shold be shown loads more often. Robot Wars presenter,Craig Charles, commentates the show who is now on Corranation Street. Pain, Win, Enemies, and more words come to mind. Still shown on challenge.The show is one of a kind quiz show you want more of but theres not.
  • It's hilariously cruel, an idea that only the Japenese could come up with. If only we could view more Japanese game-shows here in Britain.

    This is basically edited highlights of the original run of the show from Japan, condensed into a thirty minute slot and voiced over by Craig Charles, he of Robot Wars and Red Dwarf fame. Expect to see all kinds of wierd things going on here, including throwing yourself at a plank of wood, spinning on a giant mushroom, leaping across some rolling logs that spin easily, and spending a lot of time in a ditch or three of muddy water. The original show is over fifteen years old but you'd never know, it looks brand new.

    It's strangely compelling as well - and self explanatory. Don't expect to see any winners though - this game is ridiculously tough. The rules though are deliberately ambigious it would appear and so makes for interesting viewing in some cases. Look out for the kids special episode for something involving General Lee that you won't see across the rest of the run.

    Originally a cheap import, it's probably recouped its import costs many times over by now. If you're the sort of person who wants to know what happens when you throw somebody wrapped in velcro at a wooden wall, or want to see new and painful ways of bending your body in half on the high rollers, check this show out. Or if you just want to see what all the fuss is about, tune in. Of course, if you just want to see wierd people play even wierder games and fall into the muddy ditches with an aplomb (or at least act like it) then you'll love this.
  • funny funny funny funny

    Takeshi's castle what can u say absolutley hillarious from start 2 finish with bridge ball and stepping stones what more could u ask 4. I think it's so funny when they get hurt with them balls the japanese r mad 4 doing something crazy like that but u have 2 give them credit. And Craig Charles and is witty outtakes and the replays of the mad japs getting hurt hahahahahah!
  • Its nice to see just how far those Japanese go for some prizes... Funny for all ages!

    I dont love this show, its something you can get addicted to but not something you can love. Watching it is funny, especially because they adopted an english presenter for the show. The show has its flaws, but Its funny, sci-fi type show to watch! hehe! The show itself is around the same style on each episode of it.

    I think that they should make new challanges for our brave contestants, and secret traps and such... The thing I dont like about this, is the fact that the "emeral gaurd" is too accurate... The chance of a contestant winning it is low, but the emeral guard has had more training etc. Anywayz, Still like it as a plesurable show!!!!
  • I am eager to see the movie again and again,because the story, the music, the cinematography are all top notch.

    I am eager to see the movie again and again,because
    the story, the music, the cinematography are all top notch. However, I don't give out 10s that exactly. So a 9 it is. Since the borderline of the story must be slightly improved.But i love this movie very very much.