Taking on Tyson

Animal Planet Premiered Jan 01, 2011 Between Seasons


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  • Season 1
    • 4/4/11
      Mike issues a challenge to the New York bird world and the "Tyson Challenge Cup" is born. Mike's extraordinary personal journey into the bird world, coming to terms with his past, present and future, will come to an end but has he changed for the better?
    • 4/4/11
      Team Tyson faces their biggest challenge so far, but the coop caretakers, Junie and Ricky Roman, have a family crisis and Mike has to choose between racing his birds and financially supporting his own family. Can Mario take on the best alone?
    • 3/26/11
      Team Tyson takes part in a big race for a charity that helps vulnerable kids from rough areas of the city. It's a week full of dodgeball, bragging and tattoos that has a profound effect on them all.
    • 3/20/11
      Mike Tyson's challenges three of the most prestigious pigeon clubs in New York to a high profile charity race to benefit kids from deprived neighborhoods. Can Mike pull it off and win the respect of the racing world?
    • 3/12/11
      Mike Tyson and his team enter their first race competing against two big characters from the New York scene, young hot shot Helder Rodrigues and established champion Joe Green. Will their enthusiasm make up for experience?
    • 3/6/11

      Mike's Homecoming from the series Taking on Tyson follows Mike Tyson as he hangs out with his friends and family. During this episode, Mike struggles to come to terms with his past and tries to figure out how to move on and look towards the future. He also gets back into competition, and begins learning about pigeon racing.