Taking the Falls

CTV (ended 1996)


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  • Short-lived despite the original ideas and excellent cast.

    At the first look the show seemed to have some potential. It had excellent cast of Canadian actors (including Cynthia Dale still well remembered from her Street Legal glory), shot against the backdrop of gorgeous Niagara Falls and a unique storyline. Yet the episodes were slow and despite a lot of humour not funny. The fact that it was a one hour comedy with no laugh track didn’t help. The stories had a lot of potential, but they seemed to focus very locally on Niagara Falls and it’s quirkiness. Well-known and talented guest stars added some spark to the show but failed to generate much interest. It seems the creators didn't manage to produce the kind of show that they originally intended. With some fine tuning and a few changes it could have been made into a fast-paced and fun mystery/detective show, but alas it didn't happen.