Tales from the Crypt (1996)

Season 6 Episode 14

99 & 44/100% Pure Horror

Aired Unknown Jan 18, 1995 on HBO

Episode Recap

The episode starts with a gory painting depicting a young man whose skin has melted off, giving us an inkling as to what the artists like to paint...
We then see a young artist named Willa Sandleton right in the middle of an affair with her model, Tom, with whom she is painting with two brushes while making love to him. She "finishes" early and tells Tom to "Get out, my husband will be home soon."
Grudgingly, she gives Tom time to "finish" in the bathroom and Willa decides to rinse off.
Later, Willa's wimpy husband, Luden, comes home, asking "Where are the antacids?" Willa replies by telling him that "[He's] gonna O.D. on those things!"
After her shower, Willa walks back into the living room, just in time to watch Luden's company's raw-cut of its info-mercial for the shareholder's meeting the upcoming week. When Willa inquires about why the video is so short, Luden--or 'Lu' as she likes to call him--replies "We haven't shot it yet... Lately, sales have been at an all-time low." Luden further describes the idea that it's because of Willa's "sultry" designs that are causing the lack of sales. Willa, taking this very personally, forces Lu into letting her design a new line of product labels.
The next morning, Willa is a guest on an Oprah-esque talkshow, where she finds herself ultimately humiliated when the host insults her bloody artwork.
Willa goes home in a bad frame of mind. She is none-too-happy to find Luden home early. She becomes an even unhappier camper when he fires her.
Furious, Willa claims that she will divorce Luden and talk half of his money, "half sounds good to me!" she spouts. Upset, Luden says "I was hoping it wouldn't come to this..." Luden whips out his trump card: some photos of Willa and Tom making love; ergo, Willa won't be able to take his money at all!
In a furious rage, Willa grabs a soap statuette and bashes the hell out of Luden until he is nothing more than a bloody pulp on the floor rug.
As soon as the murder is done, Tom pays a visit to Willa for their "afternoon delight!" In a panic, Willa rolls Luden's corpse up in a rug and coaxes Tom into toting it out to her car, making him think it is a "Mixed-medium" artwork.
Willa then drives out to Luden's soap factory and dumps his corpse into the chemical mixing vat, turning Luden into many bars of soap.
Back at home, Willa relishes in the fact that she can do wahtever she wants now that Luden is gone. She decides to bathe with one of the bars, as their are no other bars of soap in the house.
About half-way into the bath, however, Willa starts screaming and gasping for breath. Her skin starts bubbling and bleeding--and then Willa remembers what the info-mercial said "There are over a dozen kinds of acids in animal parts, including hydrochloric acid!" Too late to save herself, Willa sinks to the bottom of the shower, her entire skin melting off, exposing her gums and teeth and ribs.
Then, we see Willa's self-portrait, which is, like the others, a picture depicting herself with her skin melted off!