Tales from the Crypt (1996)

Season 7 Episode 10

About Face

Aired Unknown Jun 28, 1996 on HBO
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A priest discovers that he has two long lost daughters, beautiful Angelica and ugly Leah, who fears that because of her looks their father will leave them again and when he plans to leave he gets a big surprise.

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  • Starts out slow but becomes enjoyable with a decent payoff.

    I always had trouble getting through the first 3 minutes of this one as it starts out very slow, involves a Crypt staple in twin characters (See, "People Who Live In Brass Heases" and "My Brother's Keeper"), and it even gets to the point of sheer boredom, but somewhere along the lines, it becomes very interesting and finishes off with an excellent if somewhat predictable payoff. While this episode seems very British, it works well for this type of story as the setting seemed to fit it perfectly. The acting is really good and the makeup for Leah is downright creepy and revolting, exactly how it should be. The good sister/evil sister element was played off perfectly which leads into the sympathatic conclusion. This one may not sit well with religious buffs though. That was one twisted priest, that's for sure. A sex starved priest was implied in "As Ye Sow" but here he's all out. I give this one a solid 7, for the ending especially, it was kind of sad actually.moreless

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    • The Crypt Keeper: (closing wraparound segment) Poor Jonathan invites his daughters to stay with him and ends up aghast in his own home. I guess he knows now, he'll never terror them apart. (laughs) As for me, I think I'll do one more number then call it a night. (strums guitar with bloody intestine strings) Mmmmm... now that's a sick-string guitar! (laughs)

    • (opening wraparound segment with The Crypt Keeper as a blues singer)
      The Crypt Keeper: [singing] My ghoul thinks I'm a vampire, so she eats garlic just in case. (man, she smells!) Yeah, my ghoul thinks I'm a vampire, laughs at me when we embrace. I said "Babe, I'm no bloodsucker.", wiped that smile right off her face. (rips mouth off someone offscreen) Yeah, thank you, thank you very much. (laughs, throws the mouth into a drink on a nearby table) Now, I'd like to play for you another little rhythm and boos decomposition of mine. It's about a man who's about to make a gored progression of his own in a nasty five-finger hack-cercise I call "About Face".

    • Leah: (while simultaneously stabbing him) Adulterer! Falsifier! Desecrater! God is my protector! He is the word! (Jonathan grabs a crucifix and knocks Leah out with it)
      Jonathan: And the word shall set you free! (stabs Leah with the crucifix)

    • Leah: And the Lord commandeth that thou shalt smite the harlot and all those who lie with her.
      Sarah: You little demon, what have you done?
      Leah: I was the messenger. I delivered the sign.

    • Leah: I love you.
      Angelica: Yes, I know.
      Leah: I want you to promise me that we'll always be together.
      Angelica: Of course we will.
      Leah: I don't trust him. Promise me.
      Angelica: Okay, I promise.

    • Angelica: (to Jonathan about Leah) Apart from you, she's the only person I've ever been really close to.

    • Sarah: (about Leah) She's worse than you when it comes to spouting scripture and damnation!
      Jonathan: Well, I can't have this in my house, a child who says such terrible things about me.

    • Leah: (holds up rosary) Behold my sword, which strikes with quick and powerful vengeance, so sayeth the Lord!

    • Sarah: Our marriage is about other things. A man like him, he's married to the church, really.
      Leah: Do not defend him! He is demon seed!
      Sarah: What did you expect? He is a man, isn't he?

    • Sarah: What in God's name...
      Leah: Silence, blasphemer!
      Sarah: Who...?
      Leah: I'm called Leah. I'm the other one.
      Sarah: But...You...Your sister said you were twins.
      Leah: Yes, but as you can see, we're not exactly identical.
      Sarah: Unfortunately for you...

      Leah: Cure thyself of the affliction of caring how you appear to others! Concern yourself only with how you appear to God!
      Sarah: I don't...I don't recognize the verse...
      Leah: Speak the truth, woman! You find me hideous, don't you?
      Sarah: No, I wouldnt say hideous...
      Leah: Well, what would you say? Foul? Ugly? HORRID? Exactly! "Judge not lest ye be judged!"

    • Sarah: You have done it now. We are finished.
      Jonathan: Don't be ridiculous. Who's going to believe them? A couple of whores brought up by some charwoman?
      Sarah: I wasn't talking about the, I was talking about me. I have had quite enough.
      Jonathan: Oh really, Sarah, I should have thought that by now my dalliances meant absolutely nothing to you.

    • Gordon: (to Jonathan) Do you still want me to arrange for you to see Ms. Pilchard today, the new secretary?
      Sarah: (sighs) Another one? So soon?

    • Jonathan: (while having sex with Emma) It must remain sacred! It must remain between us!

    • Jonathan: (while having sex with Emma) Accept his love! Feel it coursing through you!

    • Jonathan: (during sex with Emma) I can feel God smiling on us!

  • NOTES (1)

    • EC Comic Connection: Story adapted from Haunt Of Fear #27, Sept-Oct. 1954. Script by Carl Wessler with art by Graham Ingels.

      There's also a story called "About Face !" by Johnny Craig in Vault Of Horror #20, Aug-Sept. 1951. That story is about a female lion tamer who is disfigured by one of her animals during her act and is not the story that would become this episode.


    • Matthew 7:1

      One of many biblical references to a version of the famous golden rule, do unto others as you would have them do unto you.

      In this episode, during Leah's berating of Sarah in their initial meeting, she quotes this verse, saying: "Judge not lest ye be judged!"

    • Miguel de Unamuno y Jugo

      Spanish writer/philosopher of the mid to late 19th and early 20th centuries. His many writings often feature a general theme of the conflict between man's desire for immortality and man's realization that it is impossible. He claims this creates the idea of faith and a belief in God.

      De Unamuno has been quoted in one of his works as saying "Cure yourself of the affliction of caring how you appear to others. Concern yourself only with how you appear before God, concern yourself only with the idea that God may have of you." In this episode, a version of this quote is spoken by Leah during her initial confrontation with Sarah. Sarah ironically responds that she "does'nt recall the verse", which makes sense since the quote is not biblical in origin.

    • Leah

      Biblically speaking, was unintentionally one of the wives of Jacob. Jacob believed at the time he was marrying her younger sister Rachel. However, via a deception of her father Laban, Leah was switched out with Rachel in the night, with Laban claiming that he could not marry the younger daughter before the elder. He gave Rachel's hand later after another 7 years of Jacob working for him.

      In this episode, Angelica's sister being named Leah both feeds into the religious undertones of the episode and helps explain why she herself seems to be the more fundamentalist sister, quoting verses and delivering divine judgement.

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