Tales from the Crypt (1996)

Season 7 Episode 10

About Face

Aired Unknown Jun 28, 1996 on HBO

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  • Starts out slow but becomes enjoyable with a decent payoff.

    I always had trouble getting through the first 3 minutes of this one as it starts out very slow, involves a Crypt staple in twin characters (See, "People Who Live In Brass Heases" and "My Brother's Keeper"), and it even gets to the point of sheer boredom, but somewhere along the lines, it becomes very interesting and finishes off with an excellent if somewhat predictable payoff. While this episode seems very British, it works well for this type of story as the setting seemed to fit it perfectly. The acting is really good and the makeup for Leah is downright creepy and revolting, exactly how it should be. The good sister/evil sister element was played off perfectly which leads into the sympathatic conclusion. This one may not sit well with religious buffs though. That was one twisted priest, that's for sure. A sex starved priest was implied in "As Ye Sow" but here he's all out. I give this one a solid 7, for the ending especially, it was kind of sad actually.
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