Tales from the Crypt (1996)

Season 1 Episode 2

And All Through the House

Aired Unknown Jun 10, 1989 on HBO
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Episode Summary

After killing her husband on Christmas eve, an adulterous woman is attacked by an escaped ax-wielding maniac in a santa suit looking for someone naughty or nice.

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  • 102

    "And All Through The House" is easily one of the best episodes ever of Tales from the Crypt. The idea of a killer Santa Claus is so perfect.

    One of my favorite parts of this episode was the way the mental patient reacted to getting hit. Someone in wrestling should learn to sell moves the way that he did tonight.

    But it was just a clever story tonight. A woman kills her husband to be with her mistress with his money, but ends up dying at the hands of a crazy man. The killer was perfect, the drama and intensity was there.

    Just a great episode of Tales from the Crypt.moreless
  • Compared to the first I didn't think the story was as good, however the music/sound and acting was much much improved. Overall I enjoyed the first episode more but this one wasn't too bad. Left me sure to watch another.moreless


    Christ Horror.. cool!


    Decent story, not great not bad.


    The music and sound were great/


    Acting was decent.


    Lighting was done very well, I thought the camera work was great.


    I didn't really like the cliffhanger ending, I was expecting a cop to show up at the end or something.

    This is the second episode of the series and also the second that I have watched. Compared to the first I didn't think the story was as good, however the music/sound and acting was much much improved. Overall I enjoyed the first episode more but this one wasn't too bad. Left me sure to watch another. However as stated above, I guess I'm not a big fan of a cliffhanger ending.moreless
  • Buen Episodio Pero Hasta Ahi Nomas

    defintivamente fue uno de los buenos episodios de la primera temporada, la historia es algo rara pero no es dificil de entender, el papá noel asesino impone bastante miedo, pero no me termino de convencer como buen psycho killer.

    Las actuaciones estan bastante bien, el final es tremendamente bueno, es por eso que le doy un 7

    El asesino del episodio podrian haberlo echo mejor, pero bueno es la primera temporada y no fue muy extensa, pero al igual que el primer episodios, proponen un buen episodio pero no impecable, igual a todos los fanaticos del thriller y psycho killers este episodio les viene barbaromoreless
  • Tales From The Crypt: All Through The House! On christmas, a woman murders her busband for the money in her new life while her daughter unpatiently awaits christmas morning. Little do they know an excaped manaic dressed as santa claus is on the loose.....moreless

    I loved this suspenseful episode. It had a lot of creepy scenes that got me feeling unsafe just watching . It got me scaried while I watched all alone at night as a child. It reminds me alot of John Carpenter's Halloween because of the classic concept: A manaic excapes the hospital and dresses up before going into the town to go on a bloody killing spree. The directing was very flawless. It literatly had me in a state of suspense while guessing where the axe weilding "santa" was. Its defanetly (one of many) a Tales From The Crypt classic!moreless
  • A crazy mental patient has escaped and has begun to kill people while wearing a Santa costume. Merry Christmas!

    Now this is classic Tales from the Crypt! No matter how many times I watch this episode, it was always still creeps me out! There is just something freaky about a crazy guy in a Santa costume trying to kill you. I think that the scariest scene for me is when the leading actress is locked in the closet and she sees Santa putting that ladder against the wall to climb into the house. Just as he climbs, he looks through the window to see her. That is creepy! Gaines, the creator of TFTC, was consulted on this enitre episode. So, this is the perfect picture how the series should be!moreless

Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (8)

    • Goof: After killing her husband, Elizabeth calls her lover and leaves a message on his answering machine with clues that she commited the murder. She says, "Darling, it's Elizabeth. I know you told me not to call, but I just had to tell you. It's done. I did it. It's all ours, the money, everything. We're free. Merry Christmas, darling".

      Even though he could delete the message, the last thing anyone who just committed murder would want to do is leave recorded evidence on a machine.

    • Running Time: [excluding opening title sequence] 21 minutes 58 seconds.

    • Music: "The Christmas Song" performed by Nat King Cole is played during the opening credits.

      Music: Composed by Alan Silvestri.

    • Crypt Keeper Wardrobe: In the opening wraparound segment, the Crypt Keeper is wearing a Santa Claus mask and suit. He wears the mask the entire opening segment and his face is not shown.

      In the closing wraparound segment, the Crypt Keeper is wearing his traditional robe with the hood down and is sitting in front of a gravestone holding an axe. The santa mask he wore in the opening segment is next to him.

    • [Spoiler warning. Contains somewhat important plot points] Although she's credited in this episode as 'Wife', Mary Ellen Trainor's character's name is 'Elizabeth Kamen', she says her first name when she tells her lover on the phone that she killed her husband and her last name is revealed when she is on the phone with Officer Feldstein.

      Although he's credited in this episode as 'Husband', the name of Marshall Bell's character is 'Joseph'. Elizabeth and Carrie say his name several times throughout the episode.

      Although she's credited as 'Carrie Ann', Lindsey Whitney Barry's character is only referred to as 'Carrie' throughout the episode.

    • [Spoiler warning.]
      The only line that Larry Drake speaks in this episode is at the very end, which is "Naughty...or Nice".

    • This is the first episode where the Crypt Keeper is dressed as being from a certain occupation or a famous person.

    • This is the first episode where the Crypt Keeper says the title of the story in the opening introduction.

  • QUOTES (15)

    • [Opening wraparound segment with the Crypt Keeper in a Santa mask and suit]
      The Crypt Keeper: Brrr... [laughs and puts Christmas bag on the crypt] Ho, Ho, Ho, Kiddies. Just your old pal, the Crypt Keeper having a little holiday fun. Why else would I be in this get up, unless there was a "Claus" in my contract? [laughs] In fact, I've got some Christmas goose for you. Goose bumps that is. Yes, indeedy. A little terror tale, chock-full of holiday fear. I mean cheer, of course. So, get a gander of a Yuletide yelp-yarn that goes a little something like this: 'Twas the night before Christmas, and "All Through The House".

      [Closing wraparound segment with the Crypt Keeper sitting in front of a gravestone holding an ax]
      The Crypt Keeper: [laughing] Well, how was that for a scream, boys and ghouls? Oh, don't worry about little Carrie. This particular Santa preferred older women...in pieces, that is. [laughs] Well, it just goes to show ya, be very careful what you "ax" for for Christmas. You might just "get" it. [laughs]

    • [Spoiler warning. Contains somewhat important plot points.]
      Joseph: [Reading the Great Works Of Charles Dickens: A Christmas Carol] "God Bless us, Everyone". Right. [Puts down book] Something needs to be done about that fire. Have you got the poker?
      Elizabeth: Yes.

      Joseph: Well, let me have it.
      Elizabeth: What did you say?
      Joseph: What are you deaf? I said, let me have it. [Gets fire place poker through the head]
      Elizabeth: Merry Christmas, you son of a b*tch.

    • Carrie: How come Joseph didn't say goodnight to me?
      Elizabeth: He's asleep, sweetheart. Like you're supposed to be.
      Carrie: But when Santa comes, he'll wake Joseph up.
      Elizabeth: Honey, I don't think even Santa could wake up your stepfather.

    • Elizabeth: Now, you get to sleep, young lady or the big guy won't come at all.
      Carrie: I can't sleep. It's too hot. See, you're even sweating.

    • Carrie: What did you want for Christmas, mommy?
      Elizabeth: I already got it, sweetheart. I already got it.

    • Vic: [on answering machine message] Hey, it's the Vic monster. I'm out partying. Leave your name, number and measurements.
      Elizabeth: [holding Joseph's will] Darling, it's Elizabeth. I know you told me not to call, but I just had to tell you. It's done. I did it. It's all ours, the money, everything. We're free. Merry Christmas, darling.

    • Elizabeth: [dragging Joseph's corpse to the door] Oh, Jesus, Joseph! How many times have I told you to lose some weight?

    • Tracy Donahue: [on the radio] Police and sheriff's departments in the Gaines County area have issued an all points bulletin this evening for a male caucasian reported to have brutally murdered four women in the Pleasantville area. County authorities say that the man, a patient at the Pleasantville institute for the criminally insane escaped earlier this evening and should be considered extremely dangerous. Officials confirm that the suspect is a heavyset man in his late 40's, and is reported to be wearing a Santa Claus suit stolen from the home of one of his victims. All citizens in the Pleasantville-Gaines area are advised to remain in their homes until further notice throughout this emergency-alert situation.

    • Elizabeth: [dragging Joseph's corpse outside] A few situps, a trip to the gym once in awhile. It wouldn't have killed ya.

    • Elizabeth: How about a nice cold plunge, Joseph?

    • Elizabeth: Oh, no, Officer! I didn't kill him. Santa did it. Didn't you, Santa? Didn't you?

    • Carrie: [sees Santa climbing up the ladder] I knew you were here, Santa! Come on up. I've been waiting all night.

    • Carrie: [waiting for Santa to climb up the ladder] Come on, slow poke, come on! Hurry up, you big old Santa. Where are my presents, Santa?

    • Carrie: See, mommy? I told you Santa would come, and he didn't even have to come down the chimney. I let him in!

    • Elizabeth: [screaming as loud as possible] Nooooo! Noooooooooo! Ahhhhhhhhh! Ahhhhhhh! Noooooooooo! Noooooo! Ahhhhhhhhhh! Nooooooooooo!
      Killer santa: Naughty...or Nice?
      Elizabeth: [still screaming as loud as possible] Nooooo! Ahhhhhhhhhhhhh! Ahhhhhhhhhh! Nooooo! Nooooooooooooooo! Nooooooooooo! Nooooooooooo! Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhh!

  • NOTES (9)


    • A Visit from St. Nicholas

      Famous 1823 poem by Clement Moore also commonly known as "Twas The Night Before Christmas", due to it's well known first line. The poem was mostly responsible for the modern look and characterization of Santa Claus, as his appearance, the method of giving presents to children, mode of transportation and names of his reindeer, among other things were derived from this poem. The poem's plot concerns a man on Christmas eve, who spots St. Nicholas or Santa Claus, as he's delivering presents to children. The poem has been adapted, referenced and parodied several times in movies, TV, comics, song and in animation with some adaptations featuring famous characters such as The Muppets and Barney the Dinosaur.

      The episode's title is taken from the famous first line of this poem, which is, "Twas The Night Before Christmas, And All Through The House".
      In the opening wraparound segment, the Crypt Keeper says the full first line when he introduces the story.

    • Santa Claus

      Well known iconic mythical character, also known as St. Nicholas, among other names, hailing from the North Pole who brings gifts on Christmas Eve. He is usually depicted as a fat man with a white beard, wearing a red hat, red pants, a red coat with furry white cuffs and black boots and is possibly the most recognized figure in the world. Although his image and name differs for most cultures the central theme of giving presents at Christmas time remains basically the same. The myth has had a huge effect on popular culture in all forms of media such as TV, movies, radio and songs among others. In recent times, the Santa legend is basically a form of commercialism during the holiday season. Most children are taught at an early age to believe in the Santa myth and usually maintain this belief until they are about four of five.

      In this episode, a Santa Claus mask and suit is worn by the Crypt Keeper during the wraparound segments, and a Santa suit is worn by the escaped maniac in the main story.
      In addition, Carrie, the little girl in the story believes in Santa Claus and impatiently awaits his arrival on Christmas Eve. Also, there are several Santa themed decorations seen on the Kamen's tree as well as a drawing by Carrie to Santa seen during the opening credits.

    • Jack Kamen

      EC comic book artist who began his career at EC doing romance titles which lead to his work on the horror, crime and suspense titles when EC switched to their "New trend" books. His art was much cleaner, contained incredible shadow and light contrasts and was brighter and less gory than other EC artists but he still maintained and sometimes exceeded the atmosphere the EC comics were known for. Due to his start and experience on romance books, he became well known for the incredible anatomy and beauty of his women which became known as the "Kamen Girls", with most of his stories involving a female lead, infidelity and more focus on imagination than gore. After the demise of EC, he did some advertising work and went on to do the comic art featured in the 1982 EC comic homage film, Creepshow, he also drew the cover for the film's comic adaptation.

      In this episode, while on the phone with Officer Feldstein, Elizabeth's last name is revealed to be Kamen, an homage to the famous EC artist, Jack Kamen.

    • A Christmas Carol

      An 1843 novella by Charles Dickens, one of the most beloved and well known Christmas stories of all time. The story concerns an old rich miser, Ebenezer Scrooge, a heartless man with little care for anything or anyone. He learns real compassion when he is visted by three ghosts on Christmas Eve. The story has been remade countless times in radio, TV, movies, and operas and has even been the basis for adaptations featuring The Muppets and Mickey Mouse. The story is famous for it's many classic lines such as "God Bless Us Everyone", said by Tiny Tim, a well known supporting character from the novella.

      In this episode, Joseph is reading the Great Works of Charles Dickens: A Christmas Carol novel. When he puts it down, he states "God Bless Us, Everyone". This is the classic line from the story, made famous by Tiny Tim.

    • Charles Dickens

      Acclaimed, legendary novelist from the Victorian age, known for superb characters, epic storytelling and excellent depiction of modern life. His stories have stood the test of time and most of his work has never went out of print and are as much loved today as they were since their initial publications. Some of his most famous stories are, Oliver Twist, David Copperfield, Great Expectations, Nicholas Nickleby , and A Christmas Carol among many others. Most of his novels and short stories are widely available in collected form.

      In this episode, Joseph is seen reading a Great Works of Charles Dickens: A Christmas Carol book and quotes the line "God Bless Us, Everyone" from the story.

    • Al Feldstein

      Writer for nearly every EC "New Trend" title from the late 40's to the mid 50's. During his initial partnership with William M. Gaines, Publisher of EC, he wrote and drew all of his own stories but soon after becoming editor of most of the EC titles, he saved his artwork for covers only. His run at EC was notable for great writing and allowing the EC artists to keep their art styles and add their own unique artistic talents to accomodate the story. After the new trend titles were discontinued in 1955, he joined Mad and enjoyed an incredible 18 year long run as editor.

      In this episode, Elizabeth recieves a call from Officer Feldstein, warning her about the escaped maniac

    • William M. Gaines

      The publisher of EC comics and one of the most famous and recognizable personalities and talents in the comic industry. He became as well known for his adult-cutting edge comics such as Tales From The Crypt and Mad Magazine, as he did for his famous testimony against the U.S. congress in 1954, in which he defended the effects of his morbid comics on young children in the 1950's.

      While Elizabeth is carrying Joseph outside, a news report comes on the radio that states that they are located in the Pleasantville-Gaines County Area.
      The area is named after William M. Gaines.