Tales from the Crypt (1996)

Season 5 Episode 2

As Ye Sow

Aired Unknown Oct 02, 1993 on HBO

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  • Don't jump to conclusions!

    This episode feels like an episode from "The Twilight Zone" because it teaches a leason. It shows extreme paranoia and why not to jump to conclusions. Adam West is in this episode! He is only in it briefly, but it is good to see Batman again. Miguel Ferrer also makes a cameo once again in this series. Overall, this episode was very interesting and had you feeling sorry for the priest. You know that this guy was just being too paranoid and no one was cheating. The end of the episode is in a way sad. Pretty good episode, but forgettable.
  • A dectective makes a husband think his wife is cheating on him. He gets so jealous he hires a hitman.

    I really like this episode. A jealous husband thinks his wife is cheating on him because she never wants to have relations with him. He gets jelous and even more jealous as he thinks what she could be doing thanks to a dectective who gives him ideas that his wife is cheating on him with a priest. His mind plays tricks on him, up to the point he wants to kill the priest. This episode takes a turn when a case of mistaken identity kills the wrong person just after his wife confesses to him the real reasons why she won't sleep with him.
  • Good, but not great.

    Season 5 of Tales From The Crypt started with a bang. A very good first episode, that makes you slightly disappointed of the second one.
    My basic objection to this episode is that, even though it was a story we all have seen before, it could have been exploited in a much more compelling way. The jealous husband with the younger wife is a common figure on TV, and Hector Elizondo did give his character a nervous cuality that brought it some depth. But Patsy Kensit did not sell it. Her perfomance seamed a little stiff, it just didn´t went with the story. And some great secondary characters could not compensate for the lack of interest that the young bride created.
    The highlight: Sam Waterston as the shady detective, and John Shea (the old Lex Luthor from the Lois and Clark series) as the priest.
    An average episode, with a few good details, but not one of those stories that you´ll remember a few months from now