Tales from the Crypt (1996)

Season 3 Episode 2

Carrion Death

Aired Unknown Jun 15, 1991 on HBO

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  • One of the best

    My favorite of season two! I love them dark and unsettling. Amazing what you can film with a couple guys dressed up in the desert. Bravo!
  • An escaped death row convict is on the run from the law. A motorcycle cop chases him down. The convict thinks the cop is dead and tries to escape to Mexico on foot. The cop handcuffs himself to the con before he is shot, however the cop swallows the key.

    This is my favorite episode of the series. I remember watching this episode when I was 11 and it scared me so badly that I had to sleep with all my lights on that night. It has stuck with my all these years. The acting on both of the characters is overacted but it plays so well with how Tales From The Crypt works. Also with only two characters and a vulture it works very well. I loved the dialogue of Diggs. "10 Four **** and out." "Women...can't live with them, can't fit more than one in a trunk at a time." The ending is very gory and very fitting. When Diggs slices his wrist and then his hand rips off were very scary images to me. Also when he gets eaten at the end is a very fitting end for the character. A definite classic of the series.
  • Everything this show should be about!

    The classic story of cops vs. robbers, with a wonderful twist and an unlikely winner, this is everything that you look for in this show and more: creepy and gory, tense and suspenseful, but overacted and silly. The kind of campy, schlocky horror that I look for in this series.

    The characters are wonderfully fleshed out for the amount of time given, and even the dead cop shows personality and character after he meets his demise, and the truly despicable villain of the piece meets the kind of gruesome, unrealistic fate that you'd only see in this show. Definitely a good example of what this show is all about, if you're looking for something that exemplifies the series or to show a friend to give them a taste of what this show can be at its finest.
  • Intentionally overacted and delivers the goods.

    Like "And All Through the House", this is one of the series' most famous episodes, ask anyone if they seen the one with the con carrying a dead cop on his back and chances are they may have seen it or heard of it. Kyle MacLachlan (Of Twin Peaks and David Lynch fame) plays an escaped con who gets himself handcuffed to a dead motorcycle cop in the middle of the desert, and along for the ride is a buzzard just waiting for some more food to snack on. This is a true classic, Beautifully crafted and intentionally overacted by MacLachlan, who pretty much has to talk to either himself or the buzzard. It's apparant that he's having a great time in this role. The cop is completely hammy as well and for this type of show it's fine.
    The ending is very satisfying and fitting, the con got what he deserved that's for sure. Great busted up body and neck effects as well. Very enjoyable and one of the all-time greats of this series.
  • A tales from the crypt classic.

    This episode is a good one(A very good one).The thing I like about this episode is that this bird follows digs around intill the end when digs falls off of cliff and breaks his neck and he's bird food. I rate this episode like I rate the series, the best.