Tales from the Crypt (1996)

Season 3 Episode 2

Carrion Death

Aired Unknown Jun 15, 1991 on HBO



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    • Lassie

      Popular family favorite and beloved canine collie character featured in nearly every form of media since the 1930's. Lassie first appeared in a short story by Eric Knight, then later in several feature films, a radio show, and in the 1950's in a popular tv series that is most associated with the character. In all forms of media the basic formula is the same, that of a collie saving and helping various people in times of trouble, with most characters understanding the dog even though she would mostly just comminicate and warn of trouble through barking and whimpering. It was very common for a character to know exactly what and where the trouble was just by a few head nodges and barks from Lassie. This dog speak aspect of the character has been parodied several times in many tv series and movies as it is very identifiable and can still generate a laugh after all these years due to the ridiculous nature of it. There have been several male dogs throughout the years that have played the female Lassie, all of which are descendants from the original onscreen Lassie, "Pal". The Lassie collie image is widely trademarked but it is very common for families to name their dog, "Lassie" and when most people see a collie, they identify the dog as "Lassie".

      In this episode, when the motorcycle cop is in the desert in search of clues as to which direction escaped convict Diggs has gone, the vulture who is also following them, swoops down and through a few squawks and wing flaps helps the cop by leading him to the sign found by Diggs earlier, giving him the direction of the con.

      The cop's reply of, "You trying to tell me something, Lassie"? to the vulture's directional wing flaps and squawks is of course a direct reference to the silly universal dog speak of Lassie and the understanding of an animal simply through a few noises and movements.

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