Tales from the Crypt (1996)

Season 1 Episode 6

Collection Completed

Aired Unknown Jun 28, 1989 on HBO
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Episode Summary

A recently retired man just wants to relax and take it easy but to his dismay, his wife has open their home to every stray animal in sight, so he decides to take up a new hobby.

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  • A cranky retired man has finally had it with all of his wife's pets, so he begins a new hobby-taxidermy

    This has always been one of my favorite episodes. If you are an animal lover, how can you feel bad for Jonas when he gets what's coming to him? M. Emmet Walsh a.k.a Jill Taylor's dad on Home Improvement really does a great job at being a really mean guy like he is on this episode as Jonas. The end of the episode always sticks out in my memory. When I think about this episode, I think about the line "You are not going to hurt Mew Mew!" and I think about the ending. It's one of the best in the series!moreless
  • Una historia de enojo y sarcasmo

    Uno de los tops episodes de la primera temporada, un anciano ya jubilado decide estar al 100 por 100 con su querida mujer que ah estado, sola generalmente todo el dia ya que su esposo trabajaba dia completo, por lo que su unica compañia eran los animales, tenia miles por toda la casa.

    Las actuaciones estan bien, el cansansio y enojo del señor que ya esta harto de tantos animales en la casa es tremendamente bueno, Dios la verdad me senti muy identificado si me pasara lo mismo, el final es muy bueno, un re truco impresionante.

    En fin un muy buen episodio de esta altibaja primera temporada de historias de la criptamoreless
  • M. Emmett Walsh and Audra Lindley are a couple who try to find a way around getting on each others' nerves (his crankiness, her pets) while they spend their golden years together in this 6th episode and 1st season finale.moreless

    Jonas (M. Emmett Walsh) is forced into retirement though he likes to keep busy. His wife Anita (Audra Lindley) coped with loneliness all these years by having many pets and treating them like they were her children. Now that Jonas is home all day, she pays more attention to her pets than him, then she begins treating him like one of her many pets. So, he finds a way to combine his hatred for her animals with his urge to keep busy.

    I enjoyed this episode directed by Mary Lambert (Pet Semetary) which is a funny connection since this episode is about pets/animals. I like the story of an old couple set in their ways with the comic twist. M. Emmett Walsh and Audra Lindley (good casting) were nice as the couple. Not every episode has to be scary or overtly bloody - the humor is a huge part of it, and of course the twist ending. The original 'TFTC' were just dessert stories, and this fits with that concept. Although it's not one of my top 10 episodes, it is a very good episode.moreless
  • ~Realjads Season Award-Worst Episode of Season 1~ Cool premise but downhill from there. More of a comedy then horror which isn't always a bad thing. Just a bad thing for this awful episode. The worst episode by far from the first season.moreless


    Nothing Horror about it.


    The story actually had a very cool premise, a man retiring and his wife who is an animal lover treats him as she does the animal. Almost as if he is a pet. From there it goes downhill.


    When he exits the house to trim the bush, you can hear the echo that it is really on a sound stage. Awful.


    Atrocious acting, terrible.


    Decent enough



    Cool premise but downhill from there. More of a comedy then horror which isn't always a bad thing. Just a bad thing for this awful episode. The worst episode by far from the first season.moreless
  • The man starts stuffing all her animals, and ends up stuffed himself. I like how he really "got what he deserved"

    I like this one. This is one of the very best ones of the Season. A retired man just figures out his wife is weird. She goes around talking to animals, and such. She urges him to get into a hobby. To find something that takes his time up. So he does, but not like she wants him to. He chooses something that she is against. Taxidermy. He stuffs all her 'pets' and she gets really really mad. This episode is really comical in a strange way, and she gets her revenge on her husband. This episode is good, and is worth watching over and over.moreless

Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (8)

    • Goof: Although it doesn't exactly say the amount of time Jonas had to stuff the many animals that are shown, it doesn't seem like that much time had passed for him to complete all those animals. It takes a few weeks to months to complete one animal and the amount he had done, it would have taken him years to stuff and mount them by himself.

    • Product Placements

      In this episode, the following products and their logos can be seen:

      Alpo Snaps: A liver flavored box of the popular dog treats can be seen on the windowsill when Jonas is telling the crow, "Beat it! You Freeloader"!

      Realistic: Jonas' alarm clock is a Realistic brand, a now defunct brand from Radio Shack.

      AMT/ERTL models: One of the models that Roy gives Jonas is an AMT manufactured McDonnell Douglas A-4E/F SKYHAWK model kit.

      Monogram models: Another model Roy gives Jonas is a Monogram manufactured B-1B Strategic Bomber. A third model kit appears but it is appears to be unidentifiable.

      Comet: A can of the well known clening product can be seen behind Anita when she's telling her problems to the cat.

    • Running gag: When Jonas is relaxing watching TV, everytime he turns the channel, it switches to something animal themed, such as the Elvis reincarneted as a doberman blurb, the cougars feeding on the homeless blurb, and a scene from the intro to Lassie.

    • DVD Goof: On the Tales From The Crypt: The Complete First Season DVD set released in 2005, with the DVD subtitles on for this episode, right before Anita gives Skippy the dog the steak, she can clearly be heard saying "Skippy", yet the subtitles read, "Gabby". Later when Skippy appears again, she can still be heard clearly saying the right name but this time, the subtitles correctly list the dog as "Skippy". Most subtitles will take liberties in abbreviations and word structure but this was kind of way off.

    • The Crypt Keeper's pet is named, Peeves.

    • Running Time: [excluding opening title sequence] 27 minutes 18 seconds.

    • Music: Composed by Nicholas Pike.

    • Crypt Keeper Wardrobe: In the opening wraparound segment, the Crypt Keeper, while sitting on a large broken statue head is with his pet peeves and is wearing his tradional robe with the hood up. In the closing wraparound segment, the Crypt Keeper is wearing his tradional robe with the hood down.

  • QUOTES (3)

    • Anita: I don't know how it got there! The cats know that is your chair.

    • Anita: Let's go back to the way we used to. I'll scratch your tummy and you can lick my hand.

    • [Opening wraparound segment with the Crypt Keeper sitting on a large broken statue head along with his pet, peeves.]
      The Crypt Keeper: Before I give you tonight's terror tale, I'd like to introduce you to my pet, Peeves. He has a terror tale of his own. [laughs] Tonight's skin-pimpling story is about a couple with their own pet peeves. I call this chunk of chilling charnal chatter, "Collection Completed".

      [Closing wraparound segment with the Crypt Keeper standing and peeking around a corner, with his pet, peeves in the foreground.]
      The Crypt Keeper: I guess Jonas learned that a hobby can be very self-fulfilling as long as you're not too stuffy about it. [laughs] So until next time I want all of you to sit, stay, play dead. [laughs] Good boy.

  • NOTES (4)


    • The Elephant Man

      1980 Academy Award nominated film about the life of Joseph Merrick, a 19th Century man with a facial disfigurement disease. The film was directed by David Lynch and starred John Hurt. Throughout the years, the film has been noted for it's artistic choice of being filmed in black and white and for it's well known and often quoted tagline and movie quote, "I am not an animal! I am a human being! I...am...a man"!

      In this episode, after Anita gives Jonas the aspirin in the brownie, which is a well known trick people do to give medicine to animals, he expresses his disdain of being treated like an animal by telling her, "I am not an animal, I am a human being"!, a reference to the line from The Elephant Man.

    • Elvis Presley

      In this episode, when Jonas is relaxing watching TV, on one of the programs he's watching, the announcer can be heard saying, "The spirit of Elvis is in the body of her doberman pinscher claims Annie Weebler of Northern Iowa". This refers to the fact that many fans throughout the years refused to believe that Elvis had really died or that he may have died but his spirit was so strong that he had been reincarnated in several different forms, in this case, a doberman pinscher dog. This is also another way to continue the animal aspect of the episode and to drive Jonas more nuts.

    • Lassie

      Popular family favorite and beloved canine collie character featured in nearly every form of media since the 1930's. Lassie first appeared in a short story by Eric Knight, then later in several feature films, a radio show, and in the 1950's in a popular tv series that is most associated with the character. In all forms of media the basic formula is the same, that of a collie saving and helping various people in times of trouble, with most characters understanding the dog even though she would mostly just comminicate and warn of trouble through barking and whimpering. It was very common for a character to know exactly what and where the trouble was just by a few head nodges and barks from Lassie. This dog speak aspect of the character has been parodied several times in many tv series and movies as it is very identifiable and can still generate a laugh after all these years due to the ridiculous nature of it. There have been several male dogs throughout the years that have played the female Lassie, all of which are descendants from the original onscreen Lassie, "Pal". The Lassie collie image is widely trademarked but it is very common for families to name their dog, "Lassie" and when most people see a collie, they identify the dog as "Lassie".

      In this episode, when Jonas is clicking the channels and every channel he lands on is playing something animal related, one of the shows he turns it to is Lassie. Also, [Spoiler warning] in the last scene, when Anita and the "stuffed" Jonas are "watching" TV, she turns the channel to Lassie.

    • National Enquirer

      In this episode, when Roy the neighbour visits Jonas and his nosing around about Jonas' retirement, Jonas says, "Sounds like you've been doing a lot of thinking about this. Better run to the newspapers, inquiring minds will want to know". This is a reference to the early 80's National Enquirer ads in which the slogan, "Enquiring minds want to know" originated.

    • [Spoiler Warning]

      A professional or amateur skill in the art of mounting, preserving and displaying animals for research (such as museums) and personal display (such as Hunting trophies). An intensive study of anatomy, animal dissection and modeling skills is clearly needed in practicing this artform. It could be a profitable business or career if one was to become a skilled taxidermist as hunters and fishermen pay large amounts of money to have their prizes mounted for display. However, some people just learn taxidermy as a hobby somewhat like model making, as it is a self rewarding and fulfilling pass time, as it combines collecting with skill.

      In this episode, Jonas takes up taxidermy when he becomes fed up with his wife's constant love for animals.