Tales from the Crypt (1996)

Season 7 Episode 11


Aired Unknown Jul 05, 1996 on HBO

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  • Great acting, but a painfully predictable episode. A screenwriter who specializes in macabre storylines is interrogated by a determined detective about a series of gruesome murders.


    Despite the great acting by Ciaran Hinds and Eddie Izzard... I gotta say, this episode was kind of a let down. It had the feel of a potentially great TFTC episode, what with the gruesome special effects, fitting cast, and wonderful dialogue. But it lacked a lot of the themes that I look forward to seeing in an episode: suspense, mystery, twists, comeuppance for the villain, etc.

    I mean, I had the bad guy figured out from the beginning, but I was hoping the episode would throw in a massive twist and leave me dumbfounded like other great episodes did. Or at the very least, build up suspense or give me a harder mystery to solve. But this one didn't.

    Not to say that Tales From the Crypt has to involve intense mystery or resort to throwing in lame M. Night Shyamalan-esque twists to make it a good episode. I'm just saying that whatever they were trying to do with this episode to make it different and therefore "stand out," it didn't work.

  • A serial killer expert investigator (Ciaran Hinds) questions a horror film screenwriter (Eddie Izzard) about a serial killing involving three decapitated women.

    For me, this episode is the best of Season 7 aka the British season also the final season of the series.
    I like this episode very much. The plot is interesting, and I like the performances especially the dialoge between the investigator and the screenwriter. The only thing is, it could have been handled better if certain things were changed to make the end a little less obvious. The predictable ending isn't the problem for me though because this episode is about mood, character, motivation, ect; it's not a mystery. It's not who dun it? It's the road there that makes it entertaining.
  • A screenwriter is acused of being a serial killer because he was found washing blood off his hands just blocks from the last murder. The suspicion quickly mounts as more is uncovered, but all is not what it seems.

    This episode was just terrible. I mean, I don't know if it's suppose to be some kind of mystery as to who the serial killer is or whatnot, but it's so obvious. If you are suppose to know who it is from the very beginning than what's the point of this episode in the first place?

    There was none of the usual "Tales from the Crypt" antics in it. No shocking twists, no people getting what they deserved, nothing. All this episode is is an example of why the show got cancelled because of crap like this.

    Do I even have to mention how terrible the acting was?
  • Very predictable but still enjoyable.

    Even though it was a season seven episode, I really enjoyed this one for some reason, the acting was good, nice direction and even though you can pretty much figure out the "twist" after about 5 minutes into it, it's still pretty decent. With the excepton of the fine Eddie Izzard, I didn't recognize a single face but then again I don't watch much BBC. The interrogation scenes are great and the cuts to the two cops in love with the profilers work are hilarious and set up the ending quite well.

    I certainly recommend this one, it's well written and even though it's not really that "Crypt like" it's one of the few good episodes of as I said before, imo, a very weak seventh and final season. (Since I originally wrote this review in November '06 I've grown to love season 7).

    Despite the fact that you know what's gonna happen, the ending still delivers because somehow they make it seem special. It gets a solid 7 from me.