Tales from the Crypt (1996)

Season 5 Episode 9

Creep Course

Aired Unknown Nov 10, 1993 on HBO
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Episode Summary

A young bookworm is tricked by the school jock and their Egyptologist professor into becoming a virgin sacrifice for a long preserved mummy.

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  • Mummies, mummies, mummies. Woo-hoo!!!

    Stories with mummies are always fun. I mean, who doesn´t love a good old fashioned cursed mummy?

    "Creep Course" takes all the elements of the mummy´s curse and puts together a well written suspensefull story. A good cast (with a young Anthony Michael Hall that is almost unrecognizable) with an overall decent joint performance, and a plotline dancing around ancient Egypt.

    Unpredictable and with a certain degree of creepyness, this tale still doesn´t grab completely your attention. It has all the elements to be a great episode, but it just misses that spark, that little something that makes you go "wow". Maybe the character interaction is a bit off, maybe the story could have been better presented.

    Or maybe what it needed was more mummies.moreless
  • loved it!

    This epiosed was so interesting. Just when you think you know what's going to happen something slightly different happens.

    A jock in desperate need of passing history goes to the geeky kid in school to distract their teacher so he can steal the history test's answers. But the dweeb gets the shock of her life when she is double crossed.

    "Creep Course" is a very suspenseful episode with plenty of twists and turns to keep you interested and with an ending that is both surprising and hilarious. Compared to other "Tales From the Crypt" episodes this one had a little more blood and guts.

    To cut everything short, it was just an excellent written show and if you haven't seen it you are certainly missing out.moreless
  • A teacher who is really into Egypt teaches a class where we met two students Reggie and Stella.

    I really liked this episode. Stella who is a class geek is contacted by Reggie, a arrogant jock. He tells her he wants to study with her, so she goes to help him. Then he tells her that he just wants to use her to get into the professors house to steal his test. But things are not what they seem, and the professor and Reggie have a plan. They double cross Stella, but she has another thing in mind. I really like the ending. Sort of a twist ending. This is one episode I like, and will watch again.moreless
  • This is my all-time fav episode, and not just because it's Egyptian and I am a HUGE Egyptian fan but because the story is interesting and has a twist at the end!moreless

    Jeffrey Jones(Prof. Finley) is a teacher of Ancient Egypt. Anthony Michael Hall(Reggie) is a typical lazy at school work jock who doesn't pay attention. Nina Siemaszko(Stella) is a straight A student who is constantly writing down every piece of notes she sees or hears. When Reggie finds out he is flunking the class and this could affect his sport playing. He has Stella help him study to pass. She goes to Finley's house to get notes when she realizes she is in a trap. Both Finley and Reggie throw her in a Mummy tomb with a Mummy Pharaoh to kill her. I can't remember why exactly because I haven't seen this ep. in a loooong time. Then as Finley and Reggie celebrate by drinking wine, Finley tells Reggie that he stuck a poison in his drink that Egyptians used to turn the organs into mush so they came out faster. As Reggie dies Finley tells him he should have paid attention in class cause he would have noticed the poison as he put it in and knew that it was poison. Finley goes to check on Stella hoping she too had a terrible fate. But the plot twist and thickens as he finds her dressed up as an Egyptian Queen. Finley asks her how it is possible that she is still alive. She tells him she took every single note he wrote or said and remembered the story of this particular Pharaoh and realized that if she looked like the Mummy's girlfriend he wouldn't harm her. And then she goes on to tell him that the Mummy Pharaoh was very jealous of men who went near his women. She starts to kiss Finley and this angers the Mummy who kills Finley. Then it shows Stella at school getting called into the office. Some police are there and the principle or a teacher(I can't remember) and they tell her they need to talk to her about her school project. As she walks towards them she ask "Did I get a good grade?" then it scans over to her project. There is Finley and Reggie's dead bodies wrapped up like mummies and standing in upright tombs.moreless
Anthony Michael Hall

Anthony Michael Hall

Reggie Skulnick

Guest Star

Julius Carry

Julius Carry

Detective Connors

Guest Star

Jeffrey Jones (I)

Jeffrey Jones (I)

Professor Finley

Guest Star

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    • [Opening wraparound segment with the Crypt Keeper dressed as a college student.]
      The Crypt Keeper: Hello, creeps. I'll be with you in a moment. I was just in the middle of cramming for my final exams. Bet you didn't know your pal, the Crypt Keeper was still in s"ghoul". As a matter of fact, I'm at the top of my class at Horrivard. [laughs] Which brings us to tonight's all-frighter. It concerns a couple of collage kids who've got their own ideas about higher deaducation, in a bit of hackadamia I call, "Creep Course".

      [Closing wraparound segment with the Crypt Keeper dressed as a college student.]
      The Crypt Keeper: Ooh...I guess that's a wrap for Reggie and Professor Finley. You know what they say, kiddies: Nefra say Nefra again. [laughs] As for me, I've got to get back to my corpse catalogue, and decide on a major. I thought about going pre-dead, but I think I'll be better at shriek-enomics. [laughs]

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