Tales from the Crypt (1996)

Season 2 Episode 1

Dead Right

Aired Unknown Apr 21, 1990 on HBO

Episode Recap

Cathy is a woman who works as a secretary in an office, one day during her lunch, out of curiosity she visits a fortune teller who tells her that she will lose her job, but immediately get another one. When she offers to tell her more, Cathy becomes upset with disbelief and storms out rudely. She returns late from lunch, and is caught talking trash about her boss, who immediately fires her. Depressed she goes to a restaurant and is offered a job as a waitress. Having realized the fortune teller's predictions were accurate, she pays her another visit. This time she tells Cathy that she will marry a man she will soon meet, and he will inherit a large sum of money shortly before dying. Cathy is excited about this prospect until she meets Charlie, whose description matches the man in the teller's vision. Though horrified at his hideous looks and large body, she romances him and soon marries him. After three months of a horrible marriage in a rundown apartment and barely enough money to get by she decides she's had enough and when the fortune teller can't provide any answers to when she's going to get her money, Cathy decides to leave Charlie. On her way home she stops at a store, and is stunned to find that she is the one millionth customer and is handed a check for one million dollars. She storms home and forcibly tells Charlie off, telling him she is leaving him and insulting him viciously. Charlie snaps, grabbing a kitchen knife as Cathy tries to talk him down. It doesn't work and she is violently stabbed to death.

Charlie is arrested for the murder and convicted to die by lethal injection, but not before inheriting his fortune from his dead wife, therefore making the fortune teller's prediction true.