Tales from the Crypt (1996)

Season 2 Episode 1

Dead Right

Aired Unknown Apr 21, 1990 on HBO

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  • I think this episode was good, nothing more and nothing less.

    The twist was pretty cool, I liked the story and it was supposedly just like the comic without many changes if any.

    Decent enough.

    Acting was good, I thought Demi did great. Camera/lighting/film:
    Decent enough.

    The fat guy was absolutely disgusting in every way imaginable.

    The twist at the end was great but the fat guy grossed me out (I understand that was the point). The story really was quite neat overall but I'm just not a fan off gold-digger horrors too much (just a personal thing). However I was entertained through out. I think this episode was good, nothing more and nothing less.
  • One of the rare TOTC episodes to stick to the comic story it is adapted from, which is a reason EC junkies will like this episode

    This episode, featuring fine performances from Demi Moore (Ghost) and Jeffrey Tambor (Hellboy series), is one of the best of the early Tales episodes, and is one of those rare stories to stick to it's source material, which is why those who are fans of the original comics will probably love this episode just as much as those who had no idea it was even based on a comic, which, believe it or not, is a lot of people, Deutch's second Tales episode is a super episode of a great series that never got old, or corny, despite what many fans say
  • Demi Moore stars a gold-digging woman seeking a man with money because a fortune teller says she'll marry a man with money. The fortune teller is right. But there are some technicalities to this prediction!

    Demi Moore plays a gold digger named Cathy. A fortune teller informs her that she will marry a man who will inherit a great deal of money. The fortune teller is right...to an extent. While waitressing one night, Cathy meets Charlie Marno who is a fat, disgusting slob. Cathy goes back to the fortune teller and complains to her that this cannot be the man she marries who will inherit the money, but the fortune teller says it is. Cathy ends up marrying Charlie very reluctantly however. Cathy is miserable with him. She hates how he is so obese and smelly. One day while shopping, Cathy is informed she is the millionth customer, and she has won a million dollars! Cathy goes to tell Charlie she doesn't need him anymore because she has money now. The money she has been wanting. Charlie doesn't take to this very likely, and he assumes that if he can't have her, no one can. He stabs her to death; thus, inheriting her money. Guess the fortune teller was right all along. Charlie is sentenced to death.