Tales from the Crypt (1996)

Season 5 Episode 1

Death of Some Salesmen

Aired Unknown Oct 02, 1993 on HBO

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  • A salesman gets a taste of his own music.

    Tales from the Crypt is unique in the sense that it combines horror stories with a twisted, bizarre style of humor. Think The Twilight Zone, but with cursing.

    "Death of Some Salesman" is an episode worthy of being compared to the legendary Rod Serling series. It starred Ed Begley Jr. in a role perfect for him, a cocky, arrogant conman who tries to use his lying to get out of one last sale.

    How many shows would have a fat man ready to kill you if you could not get an erection? My guess is not too many. This was just a great episode, with a creepy family and a good, though predictable twist at the end.
  • Sales has always been a doomed profession.

    This episode came highly recommended, and I´ll have to say it did not dissapoint. Perhaps a little more shock and a little more gore could have made the story better, but it still was a very enjoyable one.
    The highlight: Tim Curry, Tim Curry, Tim Curry.
    That alone was worth the watch.
    His three parts as the Bracketts were just the right amount of creepy that we needed. Like always, a decent plot is wildely enhanced by great performers. Not to take credit away from Ed Bagley Jr, the smooth talking conman, but Tim Curry completely stole the show.
    Bottom line: perfect to watch in a color TV.
  • A con-man traveling around selling fake cemetery plots to ignorant hicks, whose loved ones have recently passed, comes across the wrong family who are tired of being conned by tricky salesman, and they teach him a valuable lesson.

    Judd Campbell is a traveling cemetery plot salesman. Well, let me re-phrase that a bit. He's a con-man pretending to be selling cemetery plots. Unfortunately, there is no cemetery plot. He goes around ripping off ignorant hicks whose loved ones have recently passed and who don't know any better. At the end of the day, after collecting tons of cash from the yokels, he inadvertently comes across the wrong house thinking it's someone else. But the ugly woman (who is actually played by Tim Curry--as well as the father and daughter) who opens the door asks if he's selling something, so Judd goes in anyway. Big mistake to come! It turns out this family has been conned by other salesman dozens of times, and they just aren't going to take it anymore. The plot thickens as Judd meets their daughter, Wynona, who could make Shelly Duvall look like a homecoming queen. Judd must pretend to fall in love with her, so he can avoid being killed by her insane father; however, when they are being wed, Wynona kills her mother and father---or does she? Judd shoots her and begins digging in the basement for the ostensibly married money from all the previously murdered salesman. But he finds a big surprise---there is no money just a death certificate with his name on it! And when he looks up, he sees the gruesome family standing there who had pretended to be dead. In the end, they sold him a little something. And Judd ends up staring down the insane father's shotgun!
  • such a hilarious episode!

    This episode right here is exactly why I still continue to show this series long after its been cancelled.

    A con salesman meets his match when he knocks on the wrong family's door. He turns up there trying to con them but they end up coning him. They tell him that they'll only let him live if he marries their daughter, a option that he "galdly" accepts.

    This episode was a bit like "Nothing But Trouble". A movie with Chevy Chase and Demi Moore where the only way he's allowed to live is if he marries a family's pig of a daughter. But this movie was also quite orginial compared to that.

    If you want to watch an episode that shows you what "Tales From the Crypt" is really about then you should not miss this.
  • A salesman makes a mistake knocks at the wrong door, and makes the mistake of trying to con a crazy family.

    Death of some salesman is a really good episode. A man who takes advantage of people whom their family members just died is a crook. He goes around ripping widows off...but there is also a little humor in this episode. The salesman who is selling fake burial plots meets a crazy ugly family by accident. They really don't like salesman at all. The real humor comes in when he meets Wynona the couples equally as ugly daughter, whom he pretends to fall in love with. Wynona falls in love with him right away, too bad the feelings are not the same.