Tales from the Crypt (1996)

Season 5 Episode 1

Death of Some Salesmen

Aired Unknown Oct 02, 1993 on HBO

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  • such a hilarious episode!

    This episode right here is exactly why I still continue to show this series long after its been cancelled.

    A con salesman meets his match when he knocks on the wrong family's door. He turns up there trying to con them but they end up coning him. They tell him that they'll only let him live if he marries their daughter, a option that he "galdly" accepts.

    This episode was a bit like "Nothing But Trouble". A movie with Chevy Chase and Demi Moore where the only way he's allowed to live is if he marries a family's pig of a daughter. But this movie was also quite orginial compared to that.

    If you want to watch an episode that shows you what "Tales From the Crypt" is really about then you should not miss this.