Tales from the Crypt (1996)

Season 1 Episode 3

Dig That Cat...He's Real Gone

Aired Unknown Jun 10, 1989 on HBO

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  • Joe Pantoliano stars as a scientist's guiena pig.

    Ulrich (Joe Pantoliano), a homeless man, gets a chance to make a lot of money by allowing a scientist to implant the gland of a cat on his brain, giving him nine lives. He becomes a circus performer who dies only to come back again. He only has a limited number of shows though, and this power over life and death goes to his head in this third episode from the first season.

    This is my favorite episode of the series. The story is classic 'Crypt' style of humor, horror, and great twist. It was directed by co-executive producer Richard Donner, and I like Robert Wuhl as the mc of the sideshow as well as Joe Pantoliano as Ulrich. I like the nine lives of a cat myth used here and the way he dies each time a different way make it interesting. The ending is shot with nice style by Donner.
  • Buen episodio

    Este fue mi segundo episodio favorito de la primera temporada de tales from the crypt, la historia es algo inusual y no esta muy bien explicada, la encuentro algo ilogica pero igual es muy disfrutable el episodio, las actuaciones estan bastante bien.
    Lo que mas impacta es el gran final de este episodio, el modo en que antes de hacer su ultimo acto, habla como cambio su vida al encontrarse a ese misterioso hombre en una calle, me gusto bastante, hace que encerio te este hablando a ti, repito una historia que no termina de convencer y parece hasta un poco ridicula. Si te saltas la introduccion y pasas a la segunda parte se pone un poco mas interesante lo que no puedo entender es ese ambiente cirquero que siempre esta, si supuestamente gano mucho dinero, como rayos sigue haciendo actos en esas ferias feas?
    Bueno nunca lo voy a entender jaja pero en fin, es un episodio algo flojo, pero a la ves es disfrutable osea esta mal explicado pero las actuaciones y las escenas estan tan bien echas que le tenes que poner una buena nota.
    Les va a gustar a cualquier fanatico que no busque historias bien elavoradas, y que les guste la buenas escenas y actuaciones
  • ~Realjads Season Award-Best Episode of Season1~ Awesome episode! Very memorable. This episode hopefully sparked the direction this show is headed. I thought he would forget about the bullet shot death, I didn't even think of the first death being t

    Not believable but very very cool, nine lives. What would you do with nine lives?

    Not possible but very very cool. I thought the story was awesome. Carnival themes always work with horror and this was a different twist too it. Almost a psychological horror.

    Decent enough

    Decent enough

    Pretty good


    This had a really cool story and I really liked how it was told. This episode hopefully sparked the direction this show is headed. I thought he would forget about the bullet shot death, I didn't even think of the first death being the cat. Great story and episode through and through.

    This episode was awesome and memorable.
  • Joe Pantoliano is the highlight of this episode.

    Pantoliano, one of Hollywood's leading character,his performance as Ulrich dosen't just add to the quirkiness of this episode directed by Richard Donner(The Goonies, Superman, The Omen,and Lethal Weapon), it adds to the creepiness of it, which is saying a lot about Joey Pants's acting abilities, which really shine here,as did most actors talents, no matter if the story they were bringing to life was dramatic, cheesy, humourous, or completely gory and scary, and while this episode lacked in the gore department, it made up for it with creeps and chills.
  • A deadly episode if I do say so my self. (giggles)

    This episode was super cool and I loved it. Great acting. Great plot an impressive episode to say the least. The plot twist at the end is classic! I really loved this show. One of the best episodes ever. My favorite scene was when he was killing himself and coming back to life. Awesome episode!
  • Don't like this one too much...

    This is another episode I remember from watching this from television. This is not one of my favorites. I didn't like this episode too much. A man gets an operation from the nine lives of a cat. When a man gets the nine lives of a cat, he uses it to his advantage-to make money. I didn't care for this one too much. He takes his lives one by one dying and coming back for an audience. I don't like this. It is very silly, and is not something I would watch. I don't care for the carnival theme, and music.
  • Ulric, through an experiment gone right, discovers he has as many lives as a cat. Instead of living life to the fullest, he exploits his freakiness for lots of money by killing and reviving himself for crowds.

    This episode has one of the best endings in the series, but most of the episode is so annoying it can't get a great score in my book. The camp level was a smidge too high.

    Joe Pantoliano plays Ulric, who is a loser until Dr. Emil Manfred preforms brain surgery on him and transplants a piece of cat brain in his head. This gives him the nine lives of a cat. Now, instead of taking advantage of this, he exploits it for cold, hard cash. And unfortunately for us, the sequences at the circus-like death scenes are so insanely over-the-top and annoying I could barely watch. The actors are probably enjoying hamming it up, especially Kathleen York, who plays the screeching bimbo assistant Coralee.

    Who in their right mind would kill themselves for any amount of money?!?! Yes, he has several lives, but he still feels the pain of the whole experience. My greatest fear of death ins't death itself but the few minutes before it. I know Crypt episodes are always over-the-top, but I couldn't help but have this flaw in my mind.

    I pretty much guessed the twist ending halfway through, but it is still a good one. Genuinely creepy. 100% stupid, yes, but genuinely creepy.
  • My Personal favorite episode. Joey Pants rules it.

    A fine example of this series. It is my personal favorite episode. It is a cleverly written story of Ulrich the Undying played by the tremendously talented Joe Pantoliano aka Joey Pants. Ulrich is an average guy who by pure happenstance falls into having nine lives through an operation; He then finds work at a sideshow ran by Robert Wuhl. Robert Whul is the reporter in the 1989 Batman film, anyways They bill Ulrich as the undying and a series of Harry Houdini style stunts occur but not everything is as good as it sounds so tune in and check it out if you dare. You can find it if you Purchase the Season one DVD.
  • A fun, but creepy story of a man who lived to die!

    Joe Pantolina plays Ulric, a man who takes the oputunity to get a surgery, where he gets the gland of a cat, giving him nine lives. He becomes a circus performer where the audience gets to kill him, by hanging, drowning, electrocution, having and arrow shot through him, being buried alive and others. It's probably one of the best episodes of all time!