Tales from the Crypt (1996)

Season 2 Episode 12

Fitting Punishment

Aired Unknown Jun 19, 1990 on HBO

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  • Blood thicker than water.

    I'll admit this epsode is just a bit emotionally painful at times to watch, probably because I felt bad for the nefew and well that's the point.

    This is basically a fable about greed and how it can destroy a mans soul. Moses Gunn was brilently cast and acted as the antagonist Ezra in the tale. I really hated the guy we see he's a greed cheap skate mortician who's whole existance seems to revolve around money he litteraly worships it as he states "Like the bible says, every penny saved is every dollar earned" although he's wrong that was from Benjamin Franklin so it sort of tells you Ezra isn't very smart. He's sees the dead as nothing but dollar signs displayed by his filthy grave robbing habbits, how he treats the living he's sees as nothing but assets like how for no reason whatsoever he's treats the pipe organ player disrespectfully (any boss treated me like that I would quit imediately), but most of all how he goes about living, he's so cheep he doesn't allow his nefew to turn on the lights or water freely when needed just to save a mesely amount of bucks. You like the nefew because we can easily see he's a good soul that like any teenager has ambitions, respects his family despite how his uncle treats him (probably hoping like any kid for his guardian to love him), does a good job and he's doesn't ask for much except simple things. I felt sad for what happened to him but like in any "Tales from the Crept" tale felt a sweet sense of relief for the justice he delivers in the end.

    I even like some of the interror construction of the funeral home and the cinamatography of it making the funeral home feel and seem very cramped, unconfortable, as well as falling apart from cheeply painted stain glass windows or the color of the walls that looked a little depressing or just need to be repainted. It really reflected the psyche of Ezra soul showing how poor it truely is. It also has a very clastrophobic feel to it, which has an ironic sensabilty, making it feel as though Erza own funeral home is his own coffin.

    The amount of how greedy one is is the messurment for their own coffin.
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