Tales from the Crypt (1996)

Season 2 Episode 12

Fitting Punishment

Aired Unknown Jun 19, 1990 on HBO

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  • Excellent

    One of my absolute favorite episodes! Great all around!
  • Ezra is a selfish funeral home director. When his orpahned nephew comes to live with him, he soons begin abusing the young boy verbally and physically; he soon realizes blood is thicker than water.

    This episode concerns a selfish funeral home director named Ezra; he is mean, corrupt, and irreverent towards the dead, doing everything from stealing from the corpses to using cheap chemicals instead of the required product to work on them. One day, his nephew Bobby comes to live with him because his parents were killed in a car crash. Ezra takes Bobby in but in an extremely reluctant manner. He basically makes Bobby do all his dirty work and if Bobby makes the slightest mistake, Ezra punishes him excessively. When Bobby orders the wrong coffin for a man's dead son, Ezra is furious fearing Bobby will mess up his finances, so he whacks Bobby in the legs with a crowbar. Bobby is paralyzed from the waist down and will have to spend the rest of his life on crutches. One day, Ezra kills Bobby in order to make use of the coffin Bobby ordered that would have gone to waste; however, Bobby is too tall to fit in the coffin, so Ezra cuts his feet off to make him fit. But Bobby comes from the dead and shows Ezra blood is thicker than water.
  • This was a very creepy episode.

    This episode is about a boy who is forced to live with his greedy, evil uncle after his parents die. This guy was a total jerk. His saying was water is thicker than blood. He treated his innocent nephew like a very unwelcome guest. The plot thickens when a coffin ordered for a funeral is not correct; he is a mortician. This is where his greedy, evilness turns deadly. The ending is classic.
  • Harrowing tale

    I had seen this episode years ago and treaded to rewatch it now, not exactly sure why. Now I know. This is one of the meanest, grimmest episodes the series has to offer.

    Mostly this is the result of the portrayal of Ezra, the cruel mortician played by Moses Gunn with a complete lack of morals or empathy. He is just mean and greedy, nothing else. One wonders what his purpose in life is. As a stark contrast, his nephew is nothing but pure innocence and those two extremes in good and bad characters make the episode as entertaining as it is.

    Furthermore, the depiction of the mortician\\\'s work is just gross and makes you happy that \\\"Six Feet Under\\\" mostly avoids the gory details. The direction, camera and music all are very good and certainly above the average \\\"Crypt\\\" standards.

    A fine, scary episode that I wouldn\\\'t want to watch in the dark.