Tales from the Crypt (1996)

Season 5 Episode 4

Food for Thought

Aired Unknown Oct 06, 1993 on HBO

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  • The only "Crypt" that disturbs me.

    I agree with the last review 100%, this was dumb. First off, it's another sideshow freak episode, (which I hate more than "dead coming back with no explanation" episodes). Although I liked Dig that cat, This is more along the lines of Lower Berth than that one anyways, showcasing more of the freak aspect of the carnival. It really had no point and the insane love for food and mind reading stuff just bothered me. This is the only time that a Crypt character disturbed me, I hated Zambini so much, just annoying. Even Ezra from Fitting Punishment never bothered me as much as he did. The gorilla suit was so fake as well. It did nothing for me, although Joan Chen is beautiful and the fire eater was decent, they were the only things redeemable about this one. The music at the beginning was catchy though, I still remember that which is a shock cause I tried to forget this entry.

    I rewatched almost all the crypt's at least 2-3 times, this one never gets a rewatch, it's just disgusting and dumb.