Tales from the Crypt (1996)

Season 5 Episode 4

Food for Thought

Aired Unknown Oct 06, 1993 on HBO

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  • An odd tale of circus folk.

    Just one thing to say about this episode: creepy.
    Ernie Hudson as Zambini was disturbing, with his weird mind powers and a not so clear obsession with food. A good actor, in a strange roll. And, being a circus episode as it was, there was a series of minor characters that added a little more spice to the story with their one peculiarities.
    Joan Chen´s part (a treat for the Twin Peak fans out there) was a good complement to Hudson. Him, with the fury, the jealousy and the crazy mind tricks, and her, we can say a passive victim of Zambini´s madness that is desperately looking for an escape.
    Finally, John Laughlin was ok, couldn´t really buy the "good guy thing" they were going for. It just seemed like a cardboard figure that tried to say and do the right things all the time, what, in the end, didn´t affect the story as much as one will think. Given Hudson´s insanity, his complete opposite was needed to make the tale work.
    Bottom line: an enjoyable episode.
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