Tales from the Crypt (1996)

Season 5 Episode 3

Forever Ambergris

Aired Unknown Oct 02, 1993 on HBO
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Episode Summary

After playing second fiddle to an up-and-coming photographer, a seasoned but washed-up combat photographer cooks up a deadly scheme to take him out and get his gorgeous wife.

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  • Could have been so much better.

    When I first saw Steve Buscemi in the credits, I just thought "that´s it, my new favourite episode". But I was fairly disappointed.

    The story was predictable, seven minutes in you could easily see where they were going. And there has been other predictable episodes that were very enjoyable, the problem that this one had was that, besides being easy to figure out, the acting didn´t sell the story. And that completely turned me off from Forever Ambergris.

    Steve Buscemi was top notch, best performance of the cast. Now, Roger Daltrey wasn´t sinister enough, he was just a creepy pervert with a camera. That´s it.

    Lysette Anthony was awful. I could not believe she was in love with Buscemi, she had this acward interaction with Daltrey that at first pass off as seduction, and then then evolved into a stiff and emotionless revenge. And during the last scenes, she put almost no emotion to her part. Made the whole ending seem hollow and ridiculous.

    Definitively not one of the Crypt Keeper´s finest tales.moreless
  • A man falls in love with his best friend's girlfriend.

    Dalton falls in love with his best friends girl. He hatches this plan to send his friend away so he will never come back. So he can have the girl all to himself. Well his friend comes back, and dies right in front of him. This is a very good episode and has one of those twist endings. I really like the effects and how his body just melted. This episode is very well written and good. I would watch this one again. The ending I never saw coming. Dalton should have never double crossed his friend because his friend was a lot smarter then he was.moreless
  • A professional photographer becomes jealous of a younger man who is becoming the huge star the professional used to be, and he wants to be the star again.

    This is episode is definitely something for the fans of gore and grotesque. Roger Daltry and Steve Buscemi are excellent in this episode!! The acting is superb and the special effects for this episode are excellent and really scary especially to people who are really afraid of germs. The only problem with this episode is that when you think about it, this episode is pretty farfetched. The disease isn't, there are many disease we don't see on TV that are realy horrible, but the revenge part would have been avoided entirely in reality. I give this episode a nine because it is pure Tales from the Crypt and one of the best episode, very fun.moreless
  • Ike is a combat photographer and is everything Dalton used to be. When Dalton feels second banana, he wants to restore his former glory and sends Ike into a Jungle Rot plagued village, knowing he\'ll die. But Dalton gets taken out of the picture as well.moreless

    Well, where to start? First off, let\'s get one thing straight, the episode is pronounced \"Amber-GREE\"

    (for those of you who haven\'t seen Master and Commander).

    The episode is wonderfully rittled with goop, gore, and grue. Roger Daltrey\'s performance is superbly evil! The only part that seemed unbelievable to me was when Dalton (Roger Daltrey) sends Ike (Steve Buscemi) to the Jungle Rot-plagued village of Vamalara and all the US soldiers do is stand around and say \"Duh... okay, Roger, we trust you in sending your main competition to a germ warzone!\" All in all, the episode is a must see (which makes me wonder why it has received such a low score...) and is chock full of people\'s eyes popping out, backs splitting open, and noses falling off. Don\'t miss it!moreless

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    • [Opening wraparound segment with the Crypt Keeper dressed as a photographer and preparing a camera.]
      The Crypt Keeper: Yes...I think the fish-eye lens will do fine. Greetings, fashion fiends! So glad you could join me. Bet you didn't know your old pal, the Crypt Keeper, dabbled in photography. I just love winding a few rolls of Koda-groan into my camera, turning on the old fright-meter, and snapping off a few heads...shots. [laughs] Tonight's putrid picture is sure to increase your shatter-speed. It's about a photographer who's losing his touch, and would do almost anything to get it back. Did I say "almost?" I call this sickening snapshot, "Forever Ambergris".

      [Closing wraparound segment with the Crypt Keeper as a photographer.]
      The Crypt Keeper: Now that's what I call romance! Boy gets girl, boy loses girl, boy gets girl and goes to pieces over her! [laughs] You'll be pleased to know, kiddies, that things turned out to be pretty well for Bobbi. She got herself a job and started modelling, for Vic-gore-ia's Secret! [laughs] [continues taking pictures of the skeleton model] Beautiful...beautiful! Turn your head a little more toward me. Just a little more...little more...[model's head falls off; The Crypt Keeper takes pictures] Ahh...perfect! [laughs]

    • Bobbi: I see you like to watch.

    • [After Ike's eye pops out of his head]
      Dalton Scott: Whoops, there goes that wonderful eye of yours.

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    • Ambergris

      A gray or black colored waxy substance that is the byproduct of the sperm whale's digestive system, often found floating on in oceans or washed up on beaches near where sperm whales reside. It's highly valued by cosmetics industries because it's used in making perfume and cosmetics and can be harvested without harming the whales.

      [Spoiler warning]
      The title of the episode appears to be a reference to this, probably due to its use in fragrances. In the beginning and the twist at the end is that Isaac always sends balsam from wherever he is to Bobbi to add a pleasant scent to her marijuana. It should be noted that the story title actually strays a bit from it's comic counterpart which actually contains the real meaning and use of "Ambergris".