Tales from the Crypt (1996)

Season 5 Episode 12

Half-Way Horrible

Aired Unknown Dec 01, 1993 on HBO

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  • Roger murders his friend to help finish a perservative that will make food never spoil.

    I actually really like this episode. He double crosses his friend (by killing him) to complete this perservative . He also starts seeing these notes everywhere. I think that Roger is an evil enough person who can't be felt sorry for because he killed his friend. The doctor 'Cheech Marin' trys to help get rid of his bad side, and he suceeds in just that. This episode is good, and something I can watch again. It had a little bit of humor in it, especailly seeing him dressed up as a witch doctor. This is one of my favorites from Season 5.
  • Roger is victimized by someone sending him odd messages. He remembers that he murdered his friend years ago. When he wants to get rid of his "evil side" he the seeks help of a doctor. After the ritual, Roger finds himself only half the man he used to be.

    Holy half-decomposed businessmen! The special effects in this episode are superb! It all starts out with a man that injected a preservative in his own head, making it a slimy, irredescent color and at the end of the episode, the complete right half of Clancy Brown's character's body starts to decompose.... 'Half Way Horrible' is a must see for any Tales From the Crypt fan. Cheech Marin plays a respectable doctor which, as we all know, is a ten mile jump from characters he usually plays! All together, "Half Way Horrible" is a great episode that anyone should check out.
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