Tales from the Crypt (1996)

Season 6 Episode 10

In the Groove

Aired Unknown Dec 21, 1994 on HBO

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  • Weak entry in the series.

    This is the third episode for Miguel Ferrer and each episodes were very weak entries in the series. His first, The Thing From The Grave was very lame and He cameoed in the very slow and tame As Ye Sow and this one was no better, very tame and simply boring, and not very original, and contained a paper thin plot and a very crappy twist.
    Nothing really happens and it's just a standard, kill yur family member to get full custody of something story.
    It was nice to see two of my favorite females from my two other favorite HBO shows, Dream On and The Larry Sanders Show but nothing else is even worth mentioning, except maybe Ferrer who can make even crap smell good. But not even he is enough to save this tired story. One of the weaker entries from season six that's for sure.
    A sure fire Snoozer.