Tales from the Crypt (1996)

Season 2 Episode 11

Judy, You're Not Yourself Today

Aired Unknown Jun 12, 1990 on HBO

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  • Judy is vain and will try anything to remain looking good forever. She can only do so much when a stranger comes over.

    I like this episode. What is there not to like about this episode? The music is wonderful as it keeps up the pace of whatever scene it is in, probably the best thing. The characters really didn't make all that sense other than the fact the husband loves guns and the wife beauty. I really don't understand this episode all that well but still it is still a favourite. I guess the message that for this episode is don't depend on strangers to help you stay beautiful. Carol Kane as Judy is just fabulously funny. Still one of best of the vain and or beauty episodes of Tales from the Crypt.
  • I could barely pay any attention...

    When it wasn't slow and plodding, it was predictable. This episode tried hard to be cute and clever, but from the husband's obsession with guns down to the wife's obsession with the pendant that nearly cost her her life in a first place, you could see the "twist" coming from a mile away.

    The characters were all patently unlikeable, which may be the point (it has been in past episodes), and although Carol Kane turned in a good performance, not even her acting could spark my interest in this episode. If I weren't rewatching them all, I'd've given it a pass, and I suggest everyone else does, too.
  • Really one of the worst episodes I\'ve seen

    \"Tales from the Crypt\" always balances between the good and the bad, quality-wise. From episode to episode, you\'ll never know what you get. Sometimes you get a really bad episode and \"Judy, You\'re Not Yourself Today\" is definitely one of them.

    The plot is really silly and just too simple to even hold up for 30 minutes. You can see how writer Scott Nimerfro and director Randa Haines realize that and throw in a lot of pointless stuff about guns and figurines that helps nothing. Especially the ending, that usually makes it worth to watch an average episode, is completely wasted because it is predictable, unconvincing and doesn\'t make a lot of sense.

    On top of the narrative problems come two more annoying things: the overacting and the music. The actors never feel neither like real people nor caricatures. They just blurt out their lines as overdone as possible. What kind of accent is Carol Kane supposed to have? Their characters aren\'t very well written anyway but the acting doesn\'t help, it just shows how thin the material is. All of this is made even more painful by the terrible music by Michael Convertino which is so extremly over the top that it is just terrible.

    Sadly, this episode is just a waste of time.