Tales from the Crypt (1996)

Season 4 Episode 9

King of the Road

Aired Unknown Aug 08, 1992 on HBO

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  • One of the show's best episodes, featuring great performances from two great actors.

    This episode, is a Tales classic, well directed by veteran Tales director Tom Holland(Of Fright Night fame), and features brillant performances by it's two leads, Raymond Barry(The Goodbye Girl, Born on the Fourth of July) and then newcomer Brad Pitt, who had only appeared at that time in the films Thelma & Louise, Cool World, A River Runs Through It, and True Romance, and although his name isn't wasn't as well known as it is now, you can see the acting skills Pitt would later come to display in Mr. & Mrs. Smith, 12 Monkeys, Ocean's Eleven, and Fight Club.

    It's worth noting that it's probably because this episode feels so unlike the one's that preceded it(As already stated it was originally 1 of 3 episodes made for the adventure anthology pilot Two-Fisted Tales) that make it as good as it is, because unlike most Tales episodes, it dosen't have to focus on scaring the audience or keeping them anticipating the twist ending.
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