Tales from the Crypt (1996)

Season 2 Episode 13

Korman's Kalamity

Aired Unknown Jun 26, 1990 on HBO

Episode Recap

Jim Korman is an artist for the "Tales from the Crypt" comic. He's having trouble coming up with new concepts for the book. As he struggles, Mildred, his harridan wife, arrives and begins harassing him. She accuses him of cheating with secretaries and questions his manhood since they haven't been able to conceive a child. He replies that the doctor said it could be either of them, but she insists it's his problem. Jim says he's taking his pills, "Potency Plus, the male answer to infertility." But Midred pulls out the bottle and says he hasn't been taking them because there are too many by her count. He protests that the drug is unapproved with unknown side effects ("It's like it's making my imagination fertile.") but takes it anyway. Jim begins to quickly sketch a monster emerging from a commercial washing machine, a "corpse eater from Pluto." As she leaves, the publisher and writer remark, "What a monster!"

Later, Jim is folding his laundry at a laundromat. As he leaves he exchanges glances and a shy smile with a beautiful woman, the only other customer in the laundromat. A minute later, all the power goes out in the laundromat. A man appears and startles the woman. He cut the power and intends to attack Lorelei. She warns him that she's a police officer but he scoffs and pulls a knife on her. She floors the man with a judo throw but he gets up more determined than ever. Suddenly, her washer pops open behind the assailant and a corpse eater begins stepping out. Lorelei warns the attacker, but he thinks it's a trick. He turns at the last moment to see it before it bites his head off and Lorelei runs.

The police arrive to collect evidence from the crime scene and the detective is skeptical, calling Lorelei as delusional as the "man who saw the two-headed ogre or the woman who saw a dinosaur in her Volkswagen."

The next day, Lorelei is passing a newstand when she sees Tales from the Crypt covers with exactly those scenes. She sees Jim Korman's name and decides to visit him. As Jim leaves work that night, Lorelei surprises him from the back seat. She describes the situation. He doesn't believe her but agrees to a test where he'll sketch something and she'll keep an eye out for police reports matching it. They flirt, but she doesn't want to date someone who draws "such horrible things." He says he's burned out and promises to switch to romance comics. Soon, a bunch of kids playing in an abandoned warehouse see a slimy monster come out of an old refrigerator, exactly what Jim drew.

Lorelei calls Jim and he suggests they meet for dinner. As he hangs up, he sees Mildred's been standing next to his desk. She stomps out, promising to bring him a surprise. Jim begins sketching Mildred as he sees her, a bow-legged, bloated monstrosity. She returns and pulls a .44 magnum to murder Jim. She notices the drawing on his desk and is disgusted. Suddenly, the realized version of the drawing steps out. It's about to tear into Jim when Mildred insults it. It advances on her and she shoots it to no effect. Jim tosses his remaining pills into the garbage and leaves the two Mildreds to settle their differences. He meets Lorelei by the elevator, where she tells him about the latest incident. She notices the ruckus inside the office, but Jim says they're redecorating. They retire to a waterfront restaurant where they look longingly into each others' eyes, exactly like Jim's last drawing.