Tales from the Crypt (1996)

Season 2 Episode 13

Korman's Kalamity

Aired Unknown Jun 26, 1990 on HBO

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  • The story of an artist whose creations come to life (and death)and the results that follow...

    Korman's Kalamity was great, especially since it stared Harry Anderson who did a pretty good role in Stephen King's IT. The opening song was good and the introduction into the troubled life of an EC comics artist who pressured by his lacking horror sense and his cruel and abusive wife that won't divorce him even though she hates his guts. Much like the typical horror story, fertility pills he takes don't do much for his sexual needs as much as they do for his mind which spawns creatures of all kinds such as the first: a laundry monster that kills a man that attempted to assault and murder Cynthia Gibb's character. The piece de resistence was when the bad wife finally met her monsterous match and Korman is finally free of her.

    This was good.