Tales from the Crypt (1996)

Season 2 Episode 13

Korman's Kalamity

Aired Unknown Jun 26, 1990 on HBO

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  • Wasted idea

    A self-referential episode dealing with an artist of the \"Crypt\" comics whose creations come to life? Sounds great, doesn\'t it? Well, sadly the good idea wasn\'t put to anything exciting.

    First of all, the story was all over the place and therefore really confused. The wife and the cop and the pills and the coworkers were just too much because there was nothing left for a story. He draws the monsters and sometimes, somehow they become real. There didn\'t seem to be a real pattern behind it.

    But what really disappointed me was the execution of the monsters. How can Woodruff and Gillis, the masters of monsters, create such silly-looking things? They were caricatures of real monsters, not scary at all. They looked more like \"Meet the Feebles\" than monsters, except that they didn\'t look funny either. Just silly.

    I liked Harry Anderson even though he wasn\'t used enough. Why does his annoying wife get so much time for being annoying while has to be silent most of the time?

    With a story more developed and some better-looking monsters this could have been really great. So it\'s just okay.