Tales from the Crypt (1996)

Season 2 Episode 13

Korman's Kalamity

Aired Unknown Jun 26, 1990 on HBO



  • Trivia

    • Music: Just My Imagination performed by The Temptations is featured in this episode.

      Music: Composed by David Kitay.

    • In the opening wraparound segment, the Crypt Keeper is holding a Tales From The Crypt comic. Although this appears to be an actual cover from the original 1950's comics, it is actually only the right hand side portion artwork featuring Enoch, The two-faced man from Tales From The Crypt #33 (December 1952-January 1953). This issue actually contains the story "Lower Berth" which was adapted for the series and is the next episode in this season.

      It is not known if this is the actual original Jack Davis artwork blown up as the main image or if it was redrawn by (possibly) Mike Vosburg.

    • The Tales From The Crypt comic book office appears in this story. It appears again in "Whirlpool". However, it may or may not be the same office as the staff is completely different in each episode.

  • Quotes

    • Mildred Korman: Well, that's flattering. Is that how you picture me, as a rancid heap of garbage? God, what an eyesore. Why don't you feed it a laxative and put it out of its misery. Try some skin lotion, zit-face, your complexion could scare a proctologist.

    • [Opening wraparound segment with the Crypt Keeper drawing himself in a picture.]
      The Crypt Keeper: Oh...Hi there fright fiends. How do you like my rancid rendering, not bad for an amateur. Hopefully it will give you an inkling of what tonight's fungusy photoplay is about because long before my eerie offerings appeared on your silver screen, they were a magazine called, get a load of this, Tales From the Crypt. So tonight, let's take a behind the screams look at a struggling artist named Jim Korman who one day got a little too drawn into his work.

      [Closing wraparound segment.]
      The Crypt Keeper: Well, how's that for a sappy ending. Was it a little too graphic fort you? Oh, well. Next thing you know, Jim and his new gal pal will be walking down the easeI together. I guess he learned that life imitates art afterall. As for poor Mildred, she learned that death imitates art too. Maybe if she'd been nicer to him she wouldn't have ended up a monsterpiece.

  • Notes

    • EC Comic Connection: Story adapted from Tales From The Crypt #31, August-September 1952. Script by Al Feldstein with art by Jack Kamen. The original title of this story was "Kamen's Kalamity," in which the artist of the story, Jack Kamen, drew himself as well as other EC staffers in the story.

    • Cast Connection: Harry Anderson also wrote the fourth season episode, "Seance".

  • Allusions

    • Jabba The Hutt

      An original 1983 Kenner Action figure of Jabba The Hutt appears in Jim Korman's office during the opening credits.

    • William M. Gaines

      The publisher of EC comics and one of the most famous and recognizable personalities and talents in the comic industry. He became as well known for his adult-style cutting edge comics such as Tales From The Crypt and Mad Magazine as he did for his famous testimony against the U.S. congress in 1954, in which he defended the effects of his morbid comics on young children in the 1950's.

      In this episode, Jim's boss, Bob Grimes, the publisher of "Tales From The Crypt" comics, is based on Bill Gaines.

    • EC Comics

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