Tales from the Crypt (1996)

Season 2 Episode 14

Lower Berth

Aired Unknown Jul 03, 1990 on HBO

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  • A two-faced circus freak falls in love with an acient mummy. That is basically it--oh, and a Crypt Keeper-related twist at the end.

    This is a below-average episode in Season 2, and seemed to exist only for the slightly amusing twist ending.

    What was enjoyable was the set-up of the episode; the 1910s is a great, creepy era. The problem with some of the episode with not much to them, the viewer ends up sitting through several minutes of useless filler scenes just so they can throw the "twist" at you in the final minute. Been there, done that. The acting, as with almost all the Crypt eppies, is top-notch and over-the-top. Jeff Yagher, who was the director of the episode, played Enoch the Two-Faced Man quite well--though the kudos should be given to whoever created the second face. The second mouth was moving and twitching through the whole episode. Really well done.

    I thought the final Keeper segment was out-of-character. I never, ever expect the Keeper to cry and get emotional over anything, though the typical insane laugher was not far behind.

    I just didn't think the episode was that scary--or suspenseful. It seemed to be a lot of delaying and delaying until the end. There was a nice stabbing with a pair of shears, but that also felt like filler, too. The curse was never realy explained.

    C'mon, the show is capable of so much more.
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