Tales from the Crypt (1996)

Season 4 Episode 10

Maniac At Large

Aired Unknown Aug 19, 1992 on HBO
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Episode Summary

A shy library clerk is obsessed with a serial killer fearing that she will be the next victim.

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  • This episode will scare the bejesus outta ya!

    This is my favorite episode from all the years of Tales from the Crypt. It just keeps unrelentingly scaring you. The acting is great, the music is creepy, and it has probably the best twist of any episode from this show. Just in case you haven't seen it, it is in the fourth season so go rent the second disc at your local video store or just buy the whole damn set. It only costs from $25-$30. Anyway... it is extremely well done! Ain't that how you like yur stake?!! Yee-ha! Buddy boy this show is the s***! Don't ya think?moreless

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    • {Spoiler}

      {Alone in the Library's office Margaret confronts Head Librarian Mrs.Pritchard}

      Margaret: Where's Gary?

      Mrs.Pritchard: (not paying attention) Wha...?

      Margaret: (to Mrs.Pritchard) You sent him away didn't you? Maybe yo....maybe you killed him.

      Mrs.Pritchard: (confused) What?

      Margaret: (rambling) You hate him, you hate everyone (turns to Pritchard) You said yourself "People get what they deserve" and you think he deserved to die!

      Mrs.Pritchard: (stunned) You think i'm the Murderer!?

      Margaret: (Panicked) And now you want to kill me...(runs towards the door)

      Mrs.Pritchard: (stops her) That's ridiculous!

      Margaret: DON'T TOUCH ME!! DON'T TOUCH ME!!! (throws Pritchard against the desk)

      Mrs.Pritchard: What are you doing!!?(Margaret grabs her around the neck strangling her) Let Go Of Me!! Let Go Of Me! (Margaret slams her into a chair) Stop it! Let me go...

      (Margaret grabs the Switchblade from the desk, Mrs. Pritchard stares in horror at Margaret)
      Margaret: (deranged) You...you...you! (stabs Pritchard) I know you were after me!!! Just like all the others!!! Just like all the others.....(pulls out switchblade and repeatedly stabs Pritchard) But i'm not afraid anymore!! (stabs her again) I SHOWED YOU!!!

    • [Spoiler]

      (After Margaret kills Mrs. Pritchard)
      Margaret: Well I guess I have to resign, move one again.
      (chuckles remorseful) I liked it here, but this city made me nervous so much crime. I don't like being afraid all the time....I'm sorry about giving such short notice. (turns to look at Pritchard's corpse) I hope you won't think too badly of me.

    • [Opening wraparound segment with the Crypt Keeper selling realty.] The Crypt Keeper: City life got you down, kiddies? Looking for a home on the derange? Well look no further, because I've got exactly what you want. It's a charming tomb with a view. Think of it as your own little house on the scary. [laughs] You're not interested?! What's the matter?! Afraid you can't get a morgue-gage? Oh well, that's exactly how the woman in tonight's tortured tale feels. She's upset because there's a killer loose in her neighborhood in a putrid property I call 'Maniac At Large'. [Closing Wraparound segment.] The Crypt Keeper: Well, kiddies, I guess that's knife in the big city for you!Ã' [laughs] Boy, do I feel sorry for Margaret. Looks like it's just one dead end job after another! [laughs] You'll be happy to know that I made a sale. The ne-ghost-iations were fierce, but after I threw in a couple of acres, the rest was easy! [laughs] There goes the neigh-boo-hood! [laughs]

  • NOTES (2)

    • Cast Connection: Clarence Williams III appears in Reindeer Games (2000), directed by John Frankenheimer, the director of this episode.

    • EC Comic Connection: Story adapted from Crime SuspenStories #27, Feb-Mar 1955. Art by George Evans. This was the final issue of Crime SuspenStories.


    • EC Comics: The punks in the intro carve "EC Homies" in the table. This is possibly a reference/tribute to EC Comics, publisher of the Tales from the Crypt comic books.