Tales from the Crypt (1996)

Season 4 Episode 10

Maniac At Large

Aired Unknown Aug 19, 1992 on HBO
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Episode Summary

A shy library clerk is obsessed with a serial killer fearing that she will be the next victim.

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    • {Spoiler}

      {Alone in the Library's office Margaret confronts Head Librarian Mrs.Pritchard}

      Margaret: Where's Gary?

      Mrs.Pritchard: (not paying attention) Wha...?

      Margaret: (to Mrs.Pritchard) You sent him away didn't you? Maybe yo....maybe you killed him.

      Mrs.Pritchard: (confused) What?

      Margaret: (rambling) You hate him, you hate everyone (turns to Pritchard) You said yourself "People get what they deserve" and you think he deserved to die!

      Mrs.Pritchard: (stunned) You think i'm the Murderer!?

      Margaret: (Panicked) And now you want to kill me...(runs towards the door)

      Mrs.Pritchard: (stops her) That's ridiculous!

      Margaret: DON'T TOUCH ME!! DON'T TOUCH ME!!! (throws Pritchard against the desk)

      Mrs.Pritchard: What are you doing!!?(Margaret grabs her around the neck strangling her) Let Go Of Me!! Let Go Of Me! (Margaret slams her into a chair) Stop it! Let me go...

      (Margaret grabs the Switchblade from the desk, Mrs. Pritchard stares in horror at Margaret)
      Margaret: (deranged) You...you...you! (stabs Pritchard) I know you were after me!!! Just like all the others!!! Just like all the others.....(pulls out switchblade and repeatedly stabs Pritchard) But i'm not afraid anymore!! (stabs her again) I SHOWED YOU!!!

    • [Spoiler]

      (After Margaret kills Mrs. Pritchard)
      Margaret: Well I guess I have to resign, move one again.
      (chuckles remorseful) I liked it here, but this city made me nervous so much crime. I don't like being afraid all the time....I'm sorry about giving such short notice. (turns to look at Pritchard's corpse) I hope you won't think too badly of me.

    • [Opening wraparound segment with the Crypt Keeper selling realty.] The Crypt Keeper: City life got you down, kiddies? Looking for a home on the derange? Well look no further, because I've got exactly what you want. It's a charming tomb with a view. Think of it as your own little house on the scary. [laughs] You're not interested?! What's the matter?! Afraid you can't get a morgue-gage? Oh well, that's exactly how the woman in tonight's tortured tale feels. She's upset because there's a killer loose in her neighborhood in a putrid property I call 'Maniac At Large'. [Closing Wraparound segment.] The Crypt Keeper: Well, kiddies, I guess that's knife in the big city for you!Ã' [laughs] Boy, do I feel sorry for Margaret. Looks like it's just one dead end job after another! [laughs] You'll be happy to know that I made a sale. The ne-ghost-iations were fierce, but after I threw in a couple of acres, the rest was easy! [laughs] There goes the neigh-boo-hood! [laughs]

  • NOTES (2)

    • Cast Connection: Clarence Williams III appears in Reindeer Games (2000), directed by John Frankenheimer, the director of this episode.

    • EC Comic Connection: Story adapted from Crime SuspenStories #27, Feb-Mar 1955. Art by George Evans. This was the final issue of Crime SuspenStories.


    • EC Comics: The punks in the intro carve "EC Homies" in the table. This is possibly a reference/tribute to EC Comics, publisher of the Tales from the Crypt comic books.