Tales from the Crypt (1996)

Season 3 Episode 10

Mournin' Mess

Aired Unknown Jul 31, 1991 on HBO

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  • A hack reporter nneds a hot story, and fast! He decides to take on the case of the murders of the city's homeless, but he may be getting in over his head.

    A predictable destination, but an enjoyable ride. You can see the punchline from a mile away. When an organization goes by the accronym GHOULS, you know something is wrong. Too bad Dale Sweeny (Steven Weber) didn't catch on, otherwise he would have never bit into this news story that ended up biting him back.

    As soon as you see that monument constructed in honor of the Grateful Homeless Outcasts and Unwanted Layaway Society, the rest of the story was just waiting for things to come full circle. Still, watching the "homeless killer" strike and the reporter bungle through his pursuit of the story will be enough to keep you interested and entertained. So sit back and enjoy this morbid little morsel. I promise you'll be hungry for more.
  • Hobo Killer is there more behind it?

    I think this episode is a little underated. When ever I first watched it I just thought about how clever the plot was. The association that claimed to be helping the homless(GHOULS) was the culprit and that to me is well written. Who is going to suspect that? Its got the perfect amount of mystery, suspense and horror--all of my favorites--and everything that makes a good Tales from the Crypt. This episode is definitely on my top ten list. The desperate reporter and hobo--framed for murder--who informs the reporter to go to the graveyard if he wants to see something special adds a great touch to a masterfull written story. It was also in one of the original EC comics.