Tales from the Crypt (1996)

Season 4 Episode 1

None but the Lonely Heart

Aired Unknown Jun 27, 1992 on HBO

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  • Howard is a con artist who has a talent for marrying rich, old widows and eventually killing them to inherit their money. He soon learns that before they die they've fallen in love with him; he also learns they can't live without him or die without him!

    Howard (Treat Williams) is a clever con-man who is in the business of sweeping rich, old widows off their feet and then marrying them. After he marries them, he kills them, so he can inherit their fortunes. Howard then starts receiving strange letters from an anonymous person saying he or she knows what he is up to. At first, he thinks it is the video dating service man (Tom Hanks) and kills him too. After he murders the last old lady and prepares to conclude his recent work by leaving the country to enjoy his fortune, he receives another letter before he goes off to the airport. It turns out it is the gravedigger who has been burying the old ladies, and he wants a piece of the action as well; however, Howard doesn't want to include him in his schemes and would rather kill him, so he does. Suddenly, all the old ladies who he has killed in the past start coming out of their tombs. Howard is dragged down with them, and he soon learns they cannot live without him, and they definitely will not die without him!
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