Tales from the Crypt (1996)

Season 6 Episode 2

Only Skin Deep

Aired Unknown Oct 31, 1994 on HBO

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  • Surprisingly creepy episode.

    An episode about a guy meeting a woman at a Halloween party really doesn't sound very scary, but this was so oddly and darkly directed that it was. This episode almost felt like a really dark Tim Burton movie. The plot is simply that a man meets a woman at a Halloween party who's wearing a creepy white "mask". This man learns all the passion and anger he gets out in having sex with her. Why he would have sex with someone wearing such an ugly "mask"? Who knows, but it's creepy nonetheless. The ending is pretty standard, but this is still a good episode.
  • Creepy "Mask" but no payoff.

    This is not one of my favorite episodes, while it is well acted and certainly creepy it just doesn't have the payoff that other Crypts have. The ending isn't very impactful and it's doesn't really twist, it just seems forced and was a letdown. While The main character may or may not of deserved his fate , he was a jerk. Of course him being a jerk may have been the reason "Molly" took him home in the first place. Great mask makeup on "Molly", very weird, I certainly wouldn't have went with her that's for sure, although her body made up for it I guess. There's too many unanswered questions left in this one for me to rate it any higher than a five. This one is not very rewatchable either.
  • He should have ran when he saw her with the mask still on.

    This was a very creepy episode. This man hooks up with a masked lady at a costume party. They hit it off and end up sleeping together. Being warned to leave this idiot stays until the mourning. When he wakes up, the masked lady still has on the mask. The warning signs should have been going off in his head. This lady is truly weird giving this man signs that he should leave and not try to future anything. Obviously, he must have had a great time that night because he will not let this mystery lady go. In the end his curiosity will get the best of him.