Tales from the Crypt (1996)

Season 6 Episode 4

Operation Friendship

Aired Unknown Nov 09, 1994 on HBO
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Episode Summary

A computer nerd's imaginary friend becomes all too real when he feels he's not needed anymore.

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Megan Cavanaugh

Megan Cavanaugh

Sister Mary What's Her Name

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Tate Donovan

Tate Donovan


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Ethan Suplee

Ethan Suplee


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Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (3)

  • QUOTES (1)

    • [Opening wraparound segment with the Crypt Keeper dressed as a deep-sea diver]
      The Crypt Keeper : (in French accent) Ah! Hello boils and ghouls! It's me, your favorite creep from the deep, Shock Cousteau! You're just in time. I'm about to dive into tonight's tale. Care to join me? (speech returns to normal) Good. Then strap on a couple of scare tanks and prepare yourselves for a cold, wet hacksploration of my favorite kind of marine life....croakers. (laughs, fires harpoon gun offscreen, harpoon hits target, target screams) Oops. It concerns a couple of boo-som buddies who are about to put their relationship to rest. I call it 'Operation Friendship'.

      [Closing wraparound segment with the Crypt Keeper dressed as a fisherman]
      The Crypt Keeper: Poor Nelson. One minute, he's in charge, the next he's aghast in his own home. [laughs] As for me kiddies, I'm afraid I've given up my water wings for dry land. My producers insist I get a little R and Horror. Uh-oh! Looks like I've got something! [Reels in line and finds two eyes on the end of it.] I just love eyes fishing. [laughs]

  • NOTES (2)

    • This episode marks the screen debut of actor, Ethan Suplee. He would go on to have prominent roles in films such as Mallrats (1995), American History X (1998), Remember the Titans (2000), & Clerks II (2006) as well as the TV series, My Name is Earl, with fellow Kevin Smith mainstay, Jason Lee.

    • EC Comic Connection: Story adapted from Tales From The Crypt #41, April-May 1954. Script by Al Feldstein with art by Jack Davis.


    • Joel Silver

      Hershey Bars

      "Silver's Milk Chocolate" is both a reference to Hershey bars, as seen by the similar packaging and a hat tip to one of the founding fathers of the show, director Joel Silver.

      When Nelson's at his desk, he enjoys eating bars of "Silver's Milk Chocolate" and then rolling the wrappers into little rings that he makes towers out of.

    • The Scream

      A masterful work by Edward Munch which has become a visual symbol of loneliness, anxiety, and panic since he created it in 1893. It can be seen in many movies, tv shows, and other media. Notably the mask in the movie, 'Scream' was based on this work.

      On Nelson's desk at work, a small statue of the figure from this masterpiece is visible, which fits in this instance as a visual cue to Nelson's general loneliness and anxiety.

    • M.C. Escher

      A European graphic artist born in the Netherlands who worked throughout Europe over his career. His art has become famous for its use of perspective and optical illusion to trick the viewers' eyes into seeing either symmetry or scientific/architectural impossibility.

      In Nelson and Eddie's apartment, posters of three M.C. Escher works can be seen in the background: (from left to right) "Waterfall", "Reptiles", and "Sky and Water II".

      Director Roland Mesa and the set design crew probably chose his work because its ability to fool and mess with perception fits perfectly with the themes of the story.