Tales from the Crypt (1996)

Season 7 Episode 8

Report from the Grave

Aired Unknown Jun 14, 1996 on HBO
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Episode Summary

After creating a machine that collects thoughts from the dead, resulting in his lover's death, a young man becomes obsessed with resurrecting her at any cost.

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  • Best episode from the last few seasons

    Really not a lot of great stuff to pick from the last few seasons. A lot of the episodes were picked from the "crime" family of comics (shocksuspense stories, etc.) and were not supernatural. This episode was a welcome change. Good writing, good acting, and pretty spooky stuff. The way the serial killer moved when approaching someone (all jittery and almost like a stop motion puppet) was creepy and I have seen it used in a bunch of movies since then (the ring, the grudge, and more). Can't wait until all the seasons hit DVD!moreless

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    • [Opening wraparound segment with The Crypt Keeper as a farmer.]
      The Crypt Keeper: Greetings, hack-riculture fans. I'll be with you in a moment. I've just got to finish with the Artie-chokes [turns and grabs another large farmer by the throat] Come on, Artie! Die already! [shoves Artie away, Artie falls to the ground] Now, a little water and some fear-tilizer, and before you know it, I'll be horror-vesting my own little field of screams. You didn't know your pal the Crypt Keeper had a green thumb, did you? Well, I do. And the rest of me is pretty damn moldy too! [laughs] Which brings to mind tonight's tale. It's about a scientist who's a bit of a scare-cropper himself. I call this one "Report From the Grave".

      [Closing wraparound segment with The Crypt Keeper as a farmer.]
      The Crypt Keeper: Poor Elliot. Thought his field was physics. Turned out it was die-ology, and that's not the worst of it. Elliot only read the first part of Tymrak's book where he tied up Arianne. If Elliot had read a little further, he would have seen Tymrak's chop-ter too! [laughs] I've got to get back to my planting. I've already sown the scare-its and the terror-nips, which means I've got just one more crop to put in. [Camera shows Artie's head on the dirt, Crypt Keeper stomps it into the ground] SQUASH! [laughs} squash! [laughs again]

    • Elliot: What did you hear that night?
      Arianne: Dark. Pain. The pain of the dead. So strong, the screams. They were his dead, Tymrak. The flesh of the dead can be torn a thousand times. Now I'm his.

    • Arianne: What is this? I'm not real, I can feel it. I'm not really here!
      Elliot: You are real. You're here with me.
      Arianne: No, Elliot. I'm not. I'm an illusion. A memory, like the flickering image on a movie screen. You willed me here. You reached down into death and pulled me out but I can't stay with you.

    • Malcolm: Elliot, I think you should leave this alone.
      Elliot: No, I know what happened now, Malcolm. Arianne saw...heard what no one is meant to hear: for an instant in time, that the world of the living and the world of the dead collided, and it killed her. I have to know what it was. I have to help her. She needs me.

    • Elliot: Old Valdemar here is in amazing shape.
      Arianne: I'm very happy for him.

    • Arianne: Couldn't we just go to Paris and dig up Jim Morrison instead?

    • Arianne: Who's our lucky victim
      Elliot: "Valdemar Tymrak".
      Arianne: Great name. Bet he had plenty of friends. [they walk to his coffin]
      Elliot: Valemar Tymrak...Number 13 in the World Class Psychos trading card set. [pulls out card and reads back aloud] "Twenty-six certified kills, nineteen women, seven men. Tymrak was a renowned mesmerist who apparently hypnotized his victims with a single stare. Under his control, they were made to commit terrible and depraved acts before he murdered them and bathed in their blood."
      Arianne: Very interesting, good night Elliot, I'm not doing this.

    • Arianne: You'll always have my heart in your hands. Take care of it.

    • Elliot: Dead is dead, as far as I'm concerned. All I want to do is hook a rotting brain to my machine and see if I can't wrench some memories from its decaying synapse.

    • Arianne: I always get a strange feeling when I go into a cemetary. There's an energy about these places. Can't you feel it?
      Elliot: At this point, all I can feel is the sharp corner of a disk drive digging into my back.

  • NOTES (3)

    • Valdemar Tymrak is referenced in director William Malone's House On Haunted Hill (1999). His name appears on the original guest list that Stephen Price (Geoffrey Rush) types up. Also on the list are Gilbert Adler (Of course, one of the producers of Tales From The Crypt) and (Director) W. L. Malone.

    • William Malone also directed the episode, "Only Skin Deep".

    • EC Comic Connection: Story adapted from Vault Of Horror #15, Oct-Nov 1950. Art by Jack Kamen.

      This episode is pretty much an adaptation of the original comic story in title only. There are very little similarities between the two. In the comic, there is a Vault-Keeper's Club lead by a town undertaker and when a new member gets initiated he has to dig up one of the club's former members who recently died and give the time on the corpse's watch and report it back to the President, when he discovers there is no body there, the club finds out one of their own is the killer of the once buried corpse. That is completely different than the episode which is pretty much a love story with some supernatural paranormal stuff thrown in.


    • Jim Morrison

      AKA the Lizard King, was the lead singer of the American band The Doors. Beyond being well known as one of the greatest rock front men of all time, Morrison was also a poet and film director. He would die at age 27 in Paris, France, where he is buried. Theories abound about his death as no official autopsy occurred, from an accidental drug overdose to the idea that he faked his death and still lives among us.

      In this episode, Upon hearing Tymrak's list of crimes, Arianne suggests that she and Elliot "just go to Paris and dig up Jim Morrison instead".

    • The Big Bang Theory

      The Big Bang Theory states that the entire universe was created billions of years ago via a forceful explosion. The energy of this explosion seems to also prove the idea that the universe is in a constantly expanding state.

      In this episode, Arianne mentions the Big Bang when pointing out that "all physics breaks down into metaphysics"

    • The Heisenberg Uncertainty Principle

      The Heisenberg Uncertainty Principle is a physical property of quantum mechanics that states that it is impossible for one to know both the momentum and the position of a particle in a region at the same moment.

      In this episode, Arianne mentions the Heisenberg Uncertainty principle when she claims that "all physics breaks down into metaphysics."