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  • E.C. Comics were great and so is this show!

    This is a horror anthology show that is hosted by a creepy cadavour, the Cryptkeeper(voiced by John Kassir). Each episode features violent and funny material, that isn\'t haha funny, but make you smile funny. This show is now on DVD and I reccomend that you buy it, while you can!
  • Bloody amazing!

    I recall watching episodes when I was growing up and as a rabid horror fan, I was pleased and shocked at the stories brought to life from the comics.

    Space Channel has been airing episodes at about 4 in the morning so often I stay up or set my VCR, but now that they're finally releasing the episodes onto DVD I can begin to watch them all over again.

    Some episodes can be a little dull (but trust me, there are few!) while others are just fantastic - if you've never watched any of them, I highly recommend it if you dig twisty horror tales.
  • I loved this show!

    Growing up a horror lover, Tales from the Crypt was a show that I would never miss. The adaptations from the old EC Comic series were brought to life each week and featured some of hollywood\'s biggest names acting or directing in each episode. My favorite episode was the 2nd one ever aired \"And All Through The House\" an adaptation from the tale that originally appeared in EC comic book\"The Vault of Horror\" #35, and later in the 1972 film starring Joan Collins. I loved this show and it will forever be remembered as my weekly fix of horror growing up.
  • An unrelenting goreshow with many great star directors and actors. Many elements of gore, horror, cheesiness, sleaze, and comedy. Stay tuned boos and ghouls!

    Welcome kiddies!
    This is a great show with plenty of scares and laughs to be had.The Cryptkeeper (the puppet host of the show) is a master of countless puns and much entertainment. The show features many tales, all directed and starring different stars (directors: Arnold Schwarzenegger, Micheal J Fox; actors: Demi moore, Whoopi Goldberg to name a few). The stories are gore-filled (cheesy, on many accounts) horror rides that are sick, twisted, and purely entertaining.You'll enjoy tales of a demented Santa Claus, a bilind chainsaw murderer, a man who's tattoos come to life, vampires, murderous couples, etc.
    "All your favorite Dead-time stories, boos and ghouls!"
    - Your fiend, the Cryptkeeper
  • Tales From the Crypt was one of the best shows back in 1989 and still is today.Many Actors Had there debuts on this show.

    Tales From The Crypt Comes Out On DVD Today One Of The Best Shows Ever.Im Going Out At 10:00 Am To Get It When Best Buy Opens.The Only Reason I Havent Gone To Wall*Mart And Got It Is Becaouse Im a Reward Zone Member And I Get It Cheeper There
  • A weekly show starring hollywood's top actors gives the world horror.

    During it's first season , "Tales From The Crypt" was one of Home Box Office's lowest rated shows. It finally broke through sometime around the end of the second season. I for one found myself both bored and confused in several of the episodes. In my opinion the only great episodes were that of the first season. Watch and have fun , but , beware of the seventh season!
  • A freaky show that freaked me out when i was young

    When I look back I used to watch it when I was about 3 yeards old. Tales from the Crypt really freaked me out, bad! Now that I see it when Im older its quite corny. But still the show was ok for its time. I do still find myself watching it at night.
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