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  • Creepy, yet

    cool! Something you can watch over and over and never get bored. The visual effects were extra unique for the 90's. Great story line. Loved this show as a kid.
  • One heck of a show!

    Tales from the Crypt is a great show and I highly recommend this show to horror anthology fans. But the best part about this show would have to be the Crypt keeper since he is so entertaining and makes the show very interesting. I also I really enjoy the very original episodes and how every time the Crypt keeper introduces us a story he gets his big book out. ( If you are wondering Tales from The Crypt is base off of comic books from the 50's.) I find that this show is full of surprises and will always give a shock!
  • This show used to scare me to death!

    Tales From the Crypt was very original. It was very twisted and creepy! I don't know how many hours of sleep this show caused me to lose! The Crypt Keeper was so scary! Freaky! The episodes were really scary too! The writers had some extremely twisted minds. But I have to admit they were original. One of my favorite episodes is where guy trades places with a cat. And he gets nine lives and starts doing all kinds of fatal stunts. And while doing his final stunt (being burried alive) he thinks he still has one life left. But it turns out that he miscounted and that he's using up his last life. The episode is better than I made it out to be. Anyways, I was just summarizing the episode to prove how original the series was. Truly a classic. Tales From the Crypt will continue to scare me throughout the rest of my life.
  • The reason i lost so many hours of sleep as a kid

    I loved this show when I was a little kid. I would stay up really late on weekends and catch this show watching it alone in the dark in my room. It would scare the heck out of me and then I would shut the tv off and lay in bed wondering why I would want to do this to myself every weekend. The show wasn’t really that scary unless of course your really young, but the stories always seemed to be able to creepy me out. This is a throwback that really reminds me of being a young kid. The crypt would come out and talk about the story that was about to unfold and I knew I would be in for another long sleepless night.
  • I loved this show

    This show scared the crap out of me when i was a kid with its horrifying stories and twists.the crypt keeper used to make me laugh with his clever puns dismemberment.some of the stories ended with a weird twist.sometimes they didn't end scary either but they had good plots that made them really horrifying. The only thing that is sad is that the show had to end on a bad note this show should have lasted for ten seasons with more scary stories.this show was so great they made three movies after the show was canceled i would love to see another show like this.
  • This is, and always will be, one of my absolute favorite TV shows of all time. Tales from the Crypt is a show like no other.

    This show was a great one. It either mixed horror and humor, gore and drama, or anything with the mix of science-fiction, horror, humor, gory, unusual, etc. With mainly different actors and directors for each episode, minus the Crypt Keeper himself of course, this show was almost never the same, in a good way. There was no central plot, just something great to watch. Some episodes can leave you on the edge of your seat, others just make you try to think what just happened. Either way, this is a great show. Even though it's been virtually off the air for nine years, even though it started a couple years before I was born, I still love this show. I'm glad we're getting a DVD release of the first season, and hopefully DVD releases of the others.
    But looking at *some* of today's shows, I wouldn't want any new episodes. I could watch all the classic episodes and never get bored of them.
    Now on to the Crypt Keeper. This guy is just hilarious! John Kassir has the perfect voice for the perfect horror show host.
    I would recommend Tales from the Crypt to any TV fan.
  • It has horror and gore an is funny at the same time. Who doesn't love that!!!

    Tales from the crypt are stories told by the cryptkeeper. The stories are horror stories with some gore and are also very funny. You have to love the oneliners from the cryptkeeper. There are also a numbre of movies from tales from the crypt like bordello of blood. there are a lot of episodes with famouse actors like whoopi goldberg, billy zane, ... The tales are based on some gruesome comics from the 50's.
    The first episode was aired on the 10th jone of 1989.
    The show was nominated for 7 Emmy's. the shows are about one hour each and are very fun the watch.
  • This is a favorite show.

    This is a favorite show. I always watch it at 5 and 5:30 every night monday-friday. All of the episodes never get old. They get better every time that I watch them. I always freack my self out when watching the show. I can never get enough of it. Can't wait till later on tonight when I get home cause I will be able to watch the show. Why not have it on all day long all night long and everyday of the week and the weekend. I would Love it. The show would not get old for me at all. Thats how much I love this show.
  • this show was scary

    this how use to scare the living ish out of me. it is so freaking scary. my grandmother use to love to put this on. this was the only way to get me to go to sleep was to watch this stupid show. then a couple years after this show they did a black version tales from the hood i loved that one because i was a little older and i knew it was fake but if you have a little girl aroud 5 years old watching people getting haunted by ghost and spirit you would get scared to and then your grandma laughing at you.
  • A great HBO show that mixed terror, drama and even comedy.

    Tales from the Crypt was a beloved, grusome comic book in the 1950s' and many years later it was turned into one of the most entertaining shows on TV. I remember watching syndicated, censored versions of this show on Saturday afternoons and loving every minute of them. When I learned one day that they were actually being aired new on HBO, I was suprised. Now that the seasons are on DVD, I can see every single one totally uncensored in their original form. It was an incredible show that I will remember for the rest of my life. HBO should bring it back dammit! Maybe that would take them out of their current hole.
  • Amazing!

    Oh man, I miss this show so very much. I wish upon oh so many stars for them to bring it back. *sigh*

    There aren't many shows EVER to have a whole new storyline every episode. And for the ones there are, none of them can even begin to compare with this one. It had EVERYTHING; humor, horror, drama, and an amazing, original host to start each episode off: The Cryptkeeper.

    There may be other shows that are similar, but none will ever have anything like the Cryptkeeper. When I was younger, I was terrified of him. But as I got older I listened more to what he said and realized how hilarious he was. Not because his jokes were funny, but more because of how corny they are, but yet he thinks they are just the funniest things in the world.

    The thing is is that if you haven't seen this show then you diffitely need to go out and buy the episodes. And if you don't feel like taking a big step like that, go rent them, then you can buy them. I, myself, am waiting eagorly for them to put the rest of the seasons on DVD so I can have a HUGE marartron of nothing but "Tales From the Crypt"!
  • Horror stories that are not scary!

    Although i had the idea that this show was scary, turns out that i wasn't scared at all, all i wanted to see was the gore and the bloody special effects that every single episode presented. The twist at the end seems like a recurrent event on sci-fi shows, although in this show, they are more clever than ever. Specially, if you are all waiting for is to see the least expected person to be a serial killer or the guy who is going to get his head removed from his head with an axe. Not very scary, but definitely, enterteining.

    One of the best show from the 90's ! A masterpiece of the "american gothic" style, and the Elfman's theme is one of his best !!!
    Of course, some episodes are better than others (that really suck...) but it gave a spooky freaky style to american culture ans TV shows The cartoon is less interesting (just for kids)
  • Haunting tales told by the one and only Crypt Keeper.

    As a major horror fanatic, I have always enjoyed Tales from the Crypt. The writers behind the majority of the episodes were geniuses, as I can barely remember any episodes that I did not like. Not only were the episodes interesting, but they were also full of mystery which required the audience to think about what they were seeing. This classic lacked predictability, which is great. The only thing you really can predict is the Crypt Keeper's never ending puns in the beginning of each episode.

    Should they bring this show back? Of course! I would definitley watch it every week!
  • This is very much a cult horror tv show that should be seen by every horror fan.

    Tales From the Crypt, how addicted i was when this was on HBO. Its definetly a show I wish would come back. It was about murders, back stabbing, and learning lessons. The show thought you that things wern\'t always what they seem. There were times that I wish the show was more scary, but it did always teach you to watch your back, and dont trust everyone.

    The host the Crypt Keeper is comical and entertaining. The voice will keep you remembering this character. There was a time when this character was as popular as your Freddy Kruegars, your Jason Voorhees, and your Michael Myers. There was even a short lived saturday morning cartoon, yep you heard me right. But times have changed and this character is unknown by some now, but never forgotten by others. Buried by the years, but living on with DVD. I hope this show is found by new fans and hopefully brought back to life by HBO, but for now will have fun reliving the DVD\'s.

    This is very much a cult horror tv show that should be seen by every horror fan.
  • Tales from the Crypt became one of the greatest series to ever air on television and spawned movies and a cultural icon, the Cryptkeeper.

    "Tales From the Crypt" is the series that many of us grew up on and still terrifies us now just as much as it did when it originally aired. This series had it all, comedy and horror. There were episodes that gave moral leasons, and the others gave us nightmares that made it hard to sleep at night. The Cryptkeeper was supposed to be the calm before and after the storm, but many times was just as scary as the story itself. John Kassir was the perfect choice to voice our favorite ghost or should I say host (yes, I had to make a Crypt pun, lol). The look of the Cryptkeeper evolved over the years and each year looked better and the Cryptkeeper eventually became the icon of the decade. It is amazing how much star power went into the series behind and in front of the camera. It would be hard to get this many celebrities to do a guest appearance on a TV series the way they were able to here. Brad Pitt, Tom Hanks, and cult celebrities like Steve Buscemi among others appeared in the episodes. Some guest actors appeared in more than one episode. Tales from the Crypt really is one of the best things to ever grace TV and now that they are on DVD, it is time to scare a new generation all over again.
  • Hilarious, campy fun

    The Cryptkeeper was so disgusting, yet it was hard to look away. His voice was the height of humor. The supposedly scary little sketched that they showed were more cinema-B movie scary than thriller. But, they were still interesting. TV that followed in the tradition of The Twilight Zone, The Outer Limits, and in some ways Unsolved Mysteries (the creepiness). This was a very good show, and the whole concept worked. That crazy laugh of his was as a signature part of this show that made it the tongue in cheek, cult classic it is. It's a good show, and worth the time for the unintentional laughs you'll get from it.
  • A blast from my past ! ! !

    I love that tales from the crypt is now for sale on dvd its a total blast from my past when I was a kid 9 maybe 10 years old all my friends and I would sneak off and watch tales from the crypt because at the time that was what was cool the in thing to do I remember being so scared after watching the show but now as an adult I have been buying the shows and 9 times out of 10 I am laughing so hard you would think I was watching Adam Sandler I Love IT
  • I remember staring at the T.V....

    ... just staring knowing that mom was on the next room cooking... and warning me not to watch that "crap"

    i love this show.. because of it im am me!

    This is one of the shows that would later make me want to be a movie director/writer!

    i miss watching the show.. i haven't seen in years =(
  • the crypt keeper was just what this series needed. sometimes he was better than the episode they shown. it was all different episodes showing weird things happening to people. some were better than others and some just stunk up the place. santa as a kille

    one of the best and worst depending what episode they showed. santa the slayer was one of the best. the guy getting all these surgerys to keep a gold digger was the worst. so she ends up with the old guy with all the money anyway. kind of dumb stuff.
  • If you like the Twilight Zone you will love this show HBO shows Rule it.

    Thanks to the wonders of DVD my love for this show has been rekindled. It had been upwards of seven years since I have watched this show. Tales From the Crypt brings a perfect balance of bad horror, twilight zone style endings, bad puns, and of course the reason most of us watch the crypt keeper voiced by the wonderful John Kassir. Now if you don’t know about the series it is a Comic book show based off of the comics done by William Gaines. If you have not seen it I urge you to get the First and Second Season on DVD. It will leave you screaming for more.
  • A crazy crypt keeper, some scary stories..... throw in a couple of bad puns and we have ourselves a show!

    You gotta love this show.

    Though the roots are in horror there are definantly some parts of this shw that will make you burst out laughing.

    If you enjoy this one then you might also enjoy the much more dark and less funny "Beyond Belief: Fact or Fiction" and I also strongly encourage you to check out some old-school Twilight Zone
  • I love this show. It still plays at 1:00 every day on the Space Network in Canada. It is bumped later if a movie is on though.

    Uber good. 10/10. I love this show. It still plays at 1:00 every day on the Space Network in Canada. It is bumped later if a movie is on though. Tales from the Cryptkeeper isn\'t as good but still is pretty good. Check out 13 days of Halloween on Teletoon. For this. Space Network plays episodes back to back occasionally.
  • Awesome blend of horror, suspense, and comedy. You never knew what would happen next.

    I really enjoyed all the plot twists and turns that nearly all of the episodes had. It kept you on the edge of your seat while keeping you guessing. What was really great about this show was that no main character was safe, as many of them got killed off in surprise endings. Sometimes someone who you thought was good turned out to be evil. With Tales From the Crypt, the audience had to come to expect the unexpected with every episode, and it rarely disappointed.
  • Tales of the crypt is a great show the depicts creepy tales of people who sometimes give their soul to the devil.

    tales of the crypt is a very good science fiction show, and i loved it. It is a personal; favorite. It is really good for people who love little separate stories, but all the stories usually have a sad or horrible ending, all in all this is a very good science-fiction with a lot of surprise actors and actresses who love to be part of the tales. From vampires to a murdering santa clause this show is very good, entertaining, interesting, short, cool, and sometimes funny. It is a must see classic because of its witty writing and main character.
  • This show was the bomb.

    I've loved horror movies since I was born (literally). I remember as a yound kind, sneaking down stairs to the living room just to watch this show. I can't wait until they start releasing the seasons of this show on DVD. If you missed the show or it was before your time. When it starts to come on DVD...it's a must buy.
  • How great it is to be scared by you...

    How great it is to be scared by you...Boop boop e do. This is a classic show that only has one main character, The Crypt Keeper. This guy is so Scarry he is funny. The shows never get old. The only thing that was bad with this show is that it was canceld. But you can't say that it did not have a great run, 7 Seasons, but it only had 6-18 episodes a season, and that is not very much compaired to its 22-26 on main stations. What can you do. I was really young when it came out and i remeber getting so scared, but now i love it to "Death"

    "Quote Nevermore"
  • An excellent show. I wish they showed more of the reruns.

    An excellent show. I use to watch this when I was alot younger, back then this show as enough to give me nightmares. Now that I'm older I realize how tame it really is, but it still is one of my personal favorites.

    It stars many people who are now known as big name stars, but back then were just regular actors, and the stories are funny even though they may be lacking in the fright department.

    Usually ends as the badder guy winning while the bad guy loses. One of my favorite characteristics of the show, hardly anyone is actually a good guy. The cryptkeeper as the host is just hilarious, although his puns are just downright awful. Definitely worth watching.

    I have been watching this show since I was young. This show use to freake me out when I was younger, But now that im older, I understnad the story lines more and understand that its all fiction. I love this show. The crypt guy, Hes so cute. LOL jp. Anyways, seriously this show is alsome
  • Classic

    I just bought the show on DVD this week. I rembember watching late at night on my local Fox channel when I was a teenager. I didn't get HBO so I didn't know how cut they were!!! The two movies that they had were okay! But the series was alot better.
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