Tales from the Crypt (1996)

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  • Tales from the Crypt became one of the greatest series to ever air on television and spawned movies and a cultural icon, the Cryptkeeper.

    "Tales From the Crypt" is the series that many of us grew up on and still terrifies us now just as much as it did when it originally aired. This series had it all, comedy and horror. There were episodes that gave moral leasons, and the others gave us nightmares that made it hard to sleep at night. The Cryptkeeper was supposed to be the calm before and after the storm, but many times was just as scary as the story itself. John Kassir was the perfect choice to voice our favorite ghost or should I say host (yes, I had to make a Crypt pun, lol). The look of the Cryptkeeper evolved over the years and each year looked better and the Cryptkeeper eventually became the icon of the decade. It is amazing how much star power went into the series behind and in front of the camera. It would be hard to get this many celebrities to do a guest appearance on a TV series the way they were able to here. Brad Pitt, Tom Hanks, and cult celebrities like Steve Buscemi among others appeared in the episodes. Some guest actors appeared in more than one episode. Tales from the Crypt really is one of the best things to ever grace TV and now that they are on DVD, it is time to scare a new generation all over again.