Tales from the Crypt (1996)

Season 7 Episode 9

Smoke Wrings

Aired Unknown Jun 21, 1996 on HBO
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Episode Summary

A young man with a strange device is hired onto an advertising company by an esteemed executive--but what the exec doesn't know is that the young man is in cahoots with her enraged ex-partner who is out for revenge.

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  • BAD...BAD...BAD !

    Badly mis-titled, Smoke Wrings was one of the most convulted, confusing and just plain boring episodes of the series. It bears little resemblance to the original EC comics story (which actually had smoke involved), other than being in an ad agency and nothing is really explained or if it was I didn\'t care because I was bored out of my mind.The result is just one lame episode that would have been turned down even by the producers of Tales From The Darkside. The Crypt producers should have known better. The ending is just plain pathetic. This is one of the worst episodes of the series, bar none. I may be harsh on it because it went completely off from the original story, which woould have been way better, that one concerned a cigarette steam smoke billboard and a vicious female ad exec and went with the title, this one had chocolate and a mind device, I just don\'t see the connection. I hate the episodes when they take complete creative control and go original, those ones rarely worked.

    Again, an all British cast, for the most part.

    Being that it now may get noticed because of an early performance by Daniel Craig, the new Bond, please be weary, this one is bad, bad, bad.moreless

Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (1)

    • Crypt Keeper Wardrobe: In the opening and closing wraparound segments, the Crypt Keeper is dressed as a mob godfather.

      This outfit, which is basically a tuxedo is very similar to the tuxedo 'Talking Crypt Keeper' doll alluded to in the season six episode, "The Pit".

  • QUOTES (4)

    • Barry: Excuse me. I know I'm the new kid here, but is this really the best we can do?
      Frank: Sorry about this, Ellen. [to Jacqueline] This is incredible.
      Barry: Incredible's the last thing this is. I mean, the idea's bad enough. Talk about boring. Look at this artwork....what is it?
      Frank: It's a fractal.
      Ellen: You have a better idea, Barry?
      Barry: No. No, not at the moment. But I do know this. Your company needs a much more sophisticated approach than what we're offering you. I mean, what sort of drugs were you on when you did this? When people look at this, they're not going to want a nice chocky, they're gonna want to vomit. I'm not the only person to be thinking that, am I?

    • Jacqueline: What am I looking for?
      Barry: For yourself. Someone who's got what you've got. Same swagger. Same ass-kicking, rip-the-f*cking-walls-down attitude that sets you apart from the rest of the f*cking herd.
      Jacqueline: So...you've never worked in an agency before, you've got no portfolio, and the only thing you do have to show for yourself is a set of giant-sized brass balls....what'd you say your name was?

    • Pink-suited woman: A philistine would call it yellow. I like to think it's been kissed by buttercups!

    • [Opening wraparound segment with The Crypt Keeper as a mob godfather.]
      The Crypt Keeper: [imitating Marlon Brando] They tell me Luca Brasi sleeps with the fishes. He's a strange guy. But that's not why I called this meeting of the five families. The Tahacklias, the Bonettis, the others. The reason I called you all together is this. As Godfather of the Goreleone family, I say it's time that we in horrorganized crime stopped frighting each other! I want there to be peace amongst us! I want there to be a whole lot of pieces! [holds up severed hand and foot, laughs, voice returns to normal] Which is kind of like the young man in tonight's tale. He wants a whole lot of something, too. In a nasty nugget I call "Smoke Wrings".

      [Closing wraparound segment with The Crypt Keeper as a mob godfather.]
      The Crypt Keeper: I guess Barry didn't realize the ad campaign would be his. Still, it's good to see that he's "groan" into the job. [laughs, begins impersonating Marlon Brando] So, everyone agrees to the truce, except you. [looks at skeleton mafioso] You know what that means, don't you? It means I have to kill you! Take that! [blasts skeleton with tommy gun fire] That's why they call me "the offer you can't refuse." [laughs]

  • NOTES (1)

    • EC Comic Connection: Story adapted from Vault Of Horror #34, Dec 1953-Jan 1954. Art by Reed Crandall. This story is totally different in many aspects from the comic story and just the title is used for this episode.