Tales from the Crypt (1996)

Season 4 Episode 11

Split Personality

Aired Unknown Aug 26, 1992 on HBO

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  • This episode stars Joe Pesci as a scheming con-man who will do anything to score some money. One day, he accidently meets two beautiful twins who he plans to marry by acting like he has a twin to get their money. He soon learns a valuable lesson.

    Joe Pesci plays a con-man named Vic who will do anything to get ahead in life, espeically financially. The episode starts out with him conning a man in a hotel casino (Burt Young). Vic's philosophy in life is that everything comes in twos. He will soon regret that philosophy. One day, Vic accidently meets two beautiful, rich, indentical twins who he plans to marry for their money by pretending he has a twin brother. One day while Vic is tanning in the sun, part of his robe flies up on his back and leaves a white line on it. The twins are discussing how Vic and his "twin" make love in the same way. Vic's secret is soon obvious when they both inform one another of the white line on his back. It becomes obvious to the twins what is going on. Meanwhile, Vic discovers the twins are obviously insane having murder their father some years earlier because of their reluctancy to "share" things. They knock him out and tie him to the bed. He wakes to discover them standing over him, and they tell him how they hate sharing! So one of them cuts him in half with a chainsaw which would be any insane girls' way of fixing a "sharing" problem. :)
  • Vic loves things that come in twos. When he meets some shy twins by accident, he falls for them. To get full access of their money, Vic cons the twins into thinking he has a twin. When the girls discover the truth, Vic learns a lesson in sharing.

    Split Personality is a very, very well-written, directed, and... and everything else! Joe Pesci's acting is superbly funny and believable. The episode is very entertaining with no real boring scenes that come to mind. It's one of those types of episodes that no matter how many times you see it, it's still really good and funny. It captures the true feeling of its comic book original. I say, 'Bravo, Joel Silver, bravo!' As a plus, the episode also has many good, old songs. I don't know about any of you other fellows, but I love old pop-culture!