Tales from the Crypt (1996)

Season 3 Episode 11

Split Second

Aired Unknown Aug 07, 1991 on HBO

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  • Got what they deserved !

    Next to Cutting Cards, This is my second favorite episode of this series. I loved it, it has all the makings of what a Crypt episode should have. Great story, great cast, great setting, and a great twist ending.
    If any Crypt had any two characters deserving what they got, then this is it.
    I can rewatch this one over and over and still not get bored with it.
    What sets this apart from the rest is the superb performances by the cast, of course, they're campy but this is Crypt. Michelle Johnson who I only seen once in Blame It On Rio is just amazingly gorgeous in this episode and I can see how she could drive a man insane when others looked at her. Just hot. The late Brion James as always, sticks in one's memory as the psychotic Mr.Dixon, the once lovable lumberjack foreman, turned into a big jerk by the vixen. Billy Wirth was also great in this, I always liked him since War Party and I still can't believe he didn't go on to bigger and better things.
    [Spoiler Warning] I would have given this a near ten but the way Ted gets blinded is kind of ridiculous, he gets smashed in the head at least two times full force with the back end of an ax by Dixon, who has to be at least 260 lbs. those blows would not have blinded him but crushed in his skull. However I overlook that because I liked it so much. The narration by Michelle Johnson fits this one perfectly and sets up the awesome twist ending, which is extremely gory and bloody.
    Highly recommended.
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