Tales from the Crypt (1996)

Season 3 Episode 11

Split Second

Aired Unknown Aug 07, 1991 on HBO

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  • This episode concerns a easy-going lumberjack who turns into a jealous guy after he marries a beautiful barmaid. He hates it when other men stare at her. One day, she falls for a new guy named Ted. Things begin to get out of hand.

    Dixon is a lumberjack who fends off a man harassing a beautiful, young barmaid named Liz Kelly. After this, he convinces her he has a place for her to stay and that he will take care of her; she falls for him instantly; however, things don't stay so great. Dixon turns from an easy-going guy to a complete jerk especially to his employees who find Liz attractive. Things start to get worse when a new guy named Ted shows up looking for work. Dixon hires him, and Liz falls finds him attractive. Ted is great at cutting trees the old fashion way---with an axe. But he will soon learn to love the chainsaw. One night, Liz seduces Ted, and they begin making love. Dixon walks in and catches them. He whacks Ted in the side of the head with an axe causing him to go blind. A couple of Dixon's workers however have big plans for Ted. They tell him he can help them win a wood-sawing contest. Ted wonders how since he is blind. As a secret machination for revenge against Dixon and Liz, the guys put them inside two enormous logs and let Ted saw away for practice, while they guide him!