Tales from the Crypt (1996)

Season 3 Episode 13


Aired Unknown Aug 21, 1991 on HBO

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  • Spoiled

    I am not much of a soap opera guy. I watch General Hospital, and a few shows in primetime that can be considered soaps, but I would not say that is my favorite genre of TV. But this episode was interesting to say the last. A lot of people probably hated all the double entendres, but I loved them and laughed at the majority of them. And then the ending, with the two switching bodies, was just the perfect Tales of the Crypt finish.

    This is definitely not one of the better episodes, but this is still worth watching no doubt.
  • A bored housewife looking to live the life of a soap opera heroine ends up in a sci-fi nightmare...

    This is the episode I probably remember most clearly from my childhood, and was pleased to find out it still holds up today. It's silly and unrealistic, but at the same time so funny and schlocky that it's perfect for this series.

    From the over-the-top, corny names of the soap opera characters (Fuchsia, Evian, Quebec), to the corny and obvious way the main character tries to emulate what she sees on TV, to the husband's perfect idea for revenge, this episode was full of stylistic treats that make it a lot of fun to watch over and over again. I'm so glad it still doesn't disappoint after all these years.
  • This was a very funny, soap opera type episode.

    In this episode there's a woman who's married to a successful surgeon. She was spoiled due to his success and had just about everything. The only problem with their marriage was he was always in his lab working on experiments. He never spent any time with his wife. So as you can imagine, she was very lonely. In her spare time this woman was a soap opera fanatic. She longed for that handsome leading man to share her passion and romance with. Just as she see's on her soaps. She would soon find that man as the tv repair guy. The two then begin a steamy love affair that ends with a funny twist.
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