Tales from the Crypt (1996)

Season 4 Episode 12

Strung Along

Aired Unknown Sep 02, 1992 on HBO

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  • Beats Goosebumps

    Man Coco is a way cooler dummy then Slappy! It was awesome when he killed both the two people. So i guess the puppet was alive huh? I thought maybe he had a split personality, but maybe they wanted us to think that with the words, "did you take your meds?" or that could have been referring to his bad heart. So the old man, was willing to tell some guy he hardly knew that his wife might be having a affair? and i suspected that the guy was with his wife. Anyways Coco is awesome and i wish he killed more people.
  • Strung along

    Another fairly average episode of Tales from the Crypt (by that show's standards) but a pretty fun episode of TV. The writing and directing really did not do a good job of getting over how the dummies were doing what they were doing and what actually happened at the end, but the ventriloquist-esque dummie at the end was still a site to be seen.

    This episode was not exactly creepy, like some episodes of this show have been before this, it was more sort of soap operay. That being said, I still very much enjoyed watching it and would encourage others to do the same.
  • An elderly puppeteer with a bad heart is due to perform at a tribute show and has hired a young man to help him while suspecting his wife of having an affair. The more he digs, the more he nears to a heart attack. Who is really holding the strings?

    This was one of the best episodes in the show. Donald O'Connor gives an amazing performance. The story has such an involved motif of old vs young/new. This most evident in the ages of the two men, but also in their styles. Joseph uses classical pupperty with strings and marionettes while David uses animatronics and modern technologies. Koko the Clown makes for an intriguing Crypt character. Clowns are scary, puppets are scary, so a clown puppet really takes the cake. And the ending is pure brilliance. The creepiness that builds up throughout the episode truly makes its payoff. This is not an episode that should be missed.