Tales from the Crypt (1996)

Season 6 Episode 11

Surprise Party

Aired Unknown Dec 28, 1994 on HBO

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  • Although this isn't a great,great episode, it's decent. It's about a man who runs into the ghosts of some people his dad burned 20 years earlier at a party.

    Ray is a young, greedy man. His father is on the verge of dying, and Ray cannot get his father's old house and land because his father is planning to cut him out of the will. Ray will soon learn why. His father tries to explain to him theres nothing in that old house but his "memories". Ray not wise enough to heed an apparent warning that there is a negativity about the house kills his father, so he can get the house. Ray arrives at the house which is burned pretty badly from a fire 20 years earlier. When Ray walks inside, he discovers there is a party going on. A very weird party. People are dressed like it's the 70's again and using 70's like slang terms. At first, Ray is tempted to call the police, but he doesn't after he hooks up with a beautiful blonde. He and the blonde go upstairs and start making out; then, her jealous boyfriend busts in and starts a fight with Ray. Ray ends up killing both of them. He then begins pouring gaosline everywhere in an intent to burn the place again to destory all evidence. When he gets downstairs, he sees the other guests and the girl and her boyfriend but in a different way this time. They are all burned up and rotted. It turns out the house is haunted, and they are the ghosts of the people his dad had killed in a fire 20 years ago! They take their revenge out on him.