Tales from the Crypt (1996)

Season 2 Episode 16

Television Terror

Aired Unknown Jul 17, 1990 on HBO

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  • Terrifying Tale, with a terrifying Climax

    This is one of the stories that not only is very scary and surreal, it's the visual images that really bring out the scares and the screams too. The story is about a reporter played by Morton Downey Jr., no relation to Robert Downey Jr, who has found a haunted house in Los Angeles, CA, that based on reports, was inhabited by a woman who killed many people for there insurance money. He thinks he's going to find something that will knock the ratings through the roof, but really he's gets far deep into the place, hoping for high ratings. The house although looking a little quaint at first, is something that most people would not date to go into, if they were wise to believe the warnings. Unfortunately, he believes that profit, and high ratings are what counts, so he and the cameraman venture into the unknown to check out the house. The episode to me is one of the scariest, even though it's a tad shorter that most of the other episodes. I also like the fact that although it came out in the early 90's it has that ghost detective type vibe to it, like many shows of the present. The show like many of it's time, of course still has some cheesy elements, but this one in particular is like Halloween Candy of TFDS, it's genuine and disturbing, with all the terror and intrigue, leading up to a very uncomfortable conclusion, which is exactly what the loud mouth, egotistical, and self-centered reporter got in the end, and supposedly even deserved from the viewpoints and the emotions of the people behind the scenes in the end. This is one of those episodes, where you start to wonder if the legend was really real which is what sets off the terror from the beginning, and with all the strange supernatural happenings by the end, espicially when a person has their throat cut, and the hanging cameraman, it's ends any sort of confusion about what is going on there. Every episode has it's moments, and this one is definitely a terrifying episode of the show by far. From the atmosphere, the blood on the door, the zombies on the staircase, to the very end, it's one of the series most disturbing as well as entertaining, although it's short.