Tales from the Crypt (1996)

Season 1 Episode 1

The Man Who Was Death

Aired Unknown Jun 10, 1989 on HBO



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    • Geraldo Rivera

      Popular television journalist and talk show host, often tackling controversial stories and building them up in high dramatic fashion with publicity stunts to garner large TV ratings. In 1986, he once filmed an hour long special on the contents of Al Capone's vault only to find dirt. Most journalist's careers would probably have been over after such a disastrous failure, but Rivera seemingly became more popular and the Capone stunt led to a highly sucessful talk show which began in 1987. No topic was safe from Rivera and his bravado and showmanship led to a huge following and the beginning of tabloid trash television. In 1988, his show on Nazi Skinheads garnered huge media attention when a brawl broke out and he was hit with a chair, breaking his nose. For his insane antics, Rivera has often been parodied in other media forms.

      In this episode, while in a bar after losing his job, Niles tells Vic the bartender that if "they started showing executions on tv, it would be the highest rated show of all time, Nielsen's through the roof, and other networks would start killing people just to compete. Pretty soon Geraldo Rivera will be pulling the switch". This is a definite reference to Rivera's media theatrics and do anything-at-all-cost attitude to garner large TV ratings.

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