Tales from the Crypt (1996)

Season 1 Episode 1

The Man Who Was Death

Aired Unknown Jun 10, 1989 on HBO



  • Quotes

    • Vic: This one's on me Mr. Talbot. [Pours drink] It's goddamn criminal. [Sighs] I can't believe those chickensh*t politicians really did it. [Sighs] After all those years of service, and they...they canned ya like you're some f*cking guinea off the boat, y'know. [Sighs] I hate to see talent go to waste. [Sighs] It's a f*cking shame.
      Niles Talbot: Thank you Vic, you're a real buddy.
      Vic: They're doing lots of shows on TV about the whole thing.
      Niles Talbot: Ahh, TV people don't nothing. They want to do something good, what they really oughta do, is oughta put a lot of little TV's in all the cells of all the prisons, you know, closed circuit, so that all the guys whose locked up can watch their buddy when he gets cooked.
      Vic: [Laughs]
      Niles Talbot: Now that might be a real education.
      Vic: Hell, I'd watch it.
      Niles Talbot: There was this editorial on TV and the commentator was saying how if they televised executions the whole country'd just stop the death penalty. They'd all be too sick from it, they wouldn't let it happen again.
      Vic: F*cking guys on TV, what do they know?
      Niles Talbot: Let me tell you something. They put executions on TV, be the f*cking highest-rated show of all time. Be Nielsens through the roof. Other networks would start killing people just to compete. Pretty soon, Geraldo Rivera be pulling that switch.
      Vic: [Laughs]

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